Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Very Norwegian Weekend

Hello, hello, hello! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I thought I'd do a personal post and tell you about mine!
Lace blazer - Thrifted
Tunic - Wow
Skirt - Thrifted
Victorian boots - Funtasma

I went to the city center to meet my sister. We went to the thrift store, and found some cool stuff! I had one excellent find, a dress that was super tight on me - with fringes! I usually think it's a little silly, but this time I just had to have it. I feel like a mixture of Shagrath and Morticia Addams.

Afterwards we went to the store called Husfliden - That's the main store for the bunad, the norwegian national costume. I brought in the one I inherited from my grandmother, to see if they could tell me anything about it - They couldn't, sadly.
We then went and met our parents, who mentioned they were going out to the island where my father grew up the next day, so I decided to join them. I had planned to talk to a woman there about taking the dress in for me, and since I was already carrying it, why not!
That evening while my dad was watching tv, Satyricon suddenly showed up! Which reminded me that I forgotten to go to the record store earlier. Their new album is out, and they are embarking on tour! I will be seeing them right here in a couple of months! They played at the same venue four years ago when their last (last?) album came out, and it was incredible! So I can't wait.

So on sunday morning we took the ferry boat to what we now use as a summer house. The woman I mentioned earlier came, put the bunad on me, stuck needles in it, and immediately made it fit! So she took it with her to sew it. I can't wait! The vest part of it was way too big for me, that's why I haven't posted a photo of me in it yet. I would love to do a photoshoot in it when everything is ready! So if a local photographer is reading this and is interested in doing a classic norwegian photoshoot, hit me up!
After some classic norwegian heart-shaped waffles we went to the boat house to fish. I grew up fishing a lot, so I love it! Bet you didn't know that about me! Now that I go with my family to the summer house as an adult, I always manage to have the funniest fishing outfits, as you can see:

Derpy fishing face

I immediately caught a tiny cod!
Another weird fact: I'm allergic to them.
Yet another one: I apparently like to catch fishes in the eye.

When we got back to the house, my sister and I decided to up in the attic and see if we could possibly find the pieces that are missing from my grandmother's bunad. We didn't, but we found a 50's sailor type bikini top, as well as a corset! I suspect that my grandmother was a very fashionable woman back in the day. 

Before we took the ferry home, we visited my dad's cousin. We watched the final minutes of the UCI 2017 Road World Championships, which happened to take place right here in my own town (the traffic's been a nightmare). Norway was a few milliseconds away from gold! Not bad at all.
The last things I did before going home was buy a bunad shirt on.. I guess I'll call it norwegian craigslist, and visit a woman I found on the same site who conveniently lived close to my parents, who was selling a bunad breast cloth that she made. So now I have that! I just need to get an apron sorted now, then my bunad is complete! My aunt reminded me today that I need shoes (in my case bunad BOOTS), but let's wait until I can justify spending 230$ on that. Bunads are expensive!

Then I went home to Simen. I went to bed semi early, but he stayed up since he had a couple of friends over to watch wrestling. And that was the end of my weekend! I ended up doing a lot more than planned, but I'm really happy that things are coming along with my bunad! Looks like I will be able to wear it on the next national day (may 17th)!

I guess that was an insight to norwegian culture, haha. Hope I didn't bore you! My next post will be a review on Satyricon's new album. Simen has ordered Voltaire's new album, so I'll be reviewing that too, pretty soon! The Cure can wait, lol. Until next time, take care!

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