Saturday, September 16, 2017

My Grandmother's Hardangerbunad

When Sandra was over last night, I decided to take some pictures of my grandmother's bunad, which I recently inherited. A bunad is Norway's national costume, and this one is from Hardanger. Every place has it's own design, and they are based on what the commoners wore in the 1800s. Today most girls get one at their confirmation (at 15). This particular one is shorter than it should be, cause the length fits me (who's 146 cm), but was short on my ca. 170 cm tall grandmother. There are other odd things about it too, so I posted these pictures in a facebook group, and a lady told me some interesting things about it! I'll put what she said about the pieces under the photos.

The design with the points on the chest is might be what they call a ''salmebok-sne'', and hails from Sørfjorden.

This looks like an angel- or smith-buckle.

The five small brooches look like hair clips, she got some from her great great grandmother, who was young in the 1820s. She has used them as clips on little girls (before the confirmation bunad).
The big brooch might be more than 200 years old! That really shocked me.

 For some reason the throat buttons don't match

Here's what it should look like complete!

Here are my grandparents on their wedding day.
I don't think this is the same bunad though.
And my grandfather looks like Dracula!

Gorgeous! (I'm listening to the GLJ song right now, haha)

So I'm going to need to take in the vest to fit me, and get a shirt, apron and breast cloth. Probably some bunad boots too. I think I'm pretty all set when it comes to all the silver. I'm not used to bling!
Hopefully I can get it ready by our next national day (may 17th), but we'll see. Regardless, I definitely want to be old-fashioned and use this for other special occasions! Most norwegians only use it for the national day, but a generation or two back use it for all bigger special occasions. I've even heard some use it for yule! Maybe I should do that. I will at least be super proud to wear it! I unfortunately never got to meet my grandmother, so it is an honor that I now have this after her.

In other news... There aren't any. I've just been working all week. On my free time I just watch TV and read (I'm currently reading Little Women). Right now I'm just chilling on the couch listening to Spotify's song radio of Burn by The Cure - So far a very good playlist, I really recommend it!
Lace blazer - Thrifted
Lace blouse - EMP
Pencil skirt - Necessary Evil


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  2. Really intersting post it seems like such a lovely airloom to don and continue with the tradition.


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