Saturday, September 9, 2017

We've Moved!

Hey! I've been gone for over a week now, so I thought I had to put up an update to what's going on! As you might know already, me and Simen moved to a new apartment last weekend. So we've been putting together furniture, finding places for our belongings and decorationg the place. I've also been working every day this week (and Simen is still on sickleave), so things have been slower.

First step of putting together our new bed!

The finished bed - So happy!

We also got Simen a new pretty desk for half off!

Some decoration around the TV - not that it really needed it.
Look at that gorgeous wallpaper behind it and on the ceiling!

I'm not sure if I have even mentioned that I work in a bookstore now! This past month has been so hectic (plus I've been battling a mysterious disease that didn't turn out to be a flu virus OR epstein barr). I got a bunch of ''first read'' books at work! So happy. My to read pile is so huge right now, it's over twice as big as this pile. So I've been spending a lot of my free time reading, which is pretty nice. Nowadays I just want to relax and get settled in our new home since things have been so busy lately.

Shirt - Historical Emporium
Necklace - The Pumpkin Coven
Underbust - Xtrax (now EMP)
Apron - Ebay
Bustle skirt - Retroscope Fashions
Stockings - Walmart around Halloween

I'll definitely show you an apartment tour when we've finished decorating and settled in properly! We still have stuff to put on the walls and some decorations to find homes for. But furnishing-wise we're good! We plan to stay here until we buy a place.
When I find the time I will put up some more album reviews (I'm doing The Cure next, so any requests are welcome, since I'm definitely not gonna do them all), and probably some book reviews. If you have any other suggestions, let me know! Until next time, take care!


  1. Walmart has reasonable t shirts around Halloween.

    1. Funny you commented on this - we're in the process of moving again! And yeah they do, but sadly I only lived in the US for 8 months, so I only got to experience one Halloween there.


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