Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Goth Boot Collection

Last update: 20.01.2021

Happy Halloween / Samhain! Today I have a little treat for you; my goth boot collection! I basically only wear boots (other than the boots in these posts, I have two pairs of work shoes and one pair of Converse), . Over the years I have collected a few boots, so I thought I'd show you what I have right now - and also what Simen currently has. Most of these are actually the shoes I put on my wishlist in my mid teens, and a couple of years ago I completed the wishlist! Demonia Emily 309 were also on the list, but I gave them away (shoutout to Mia!) since they were too big - It took an accident where I almost destroyed my knees to give them up. After I bought victorian boots this year, I felt like my shoe collection was complete - buut I've been starting to like the look of pikes / winklepickers (which I used to dislike before - I also don't like creepers). So we'll see if my collection will grow! But mainly I like my shoes big and stompy. I might do an update later, especially when Simen collects more shoes. At that point I may or may not just edit this post. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Demonia Gothika 101

New Rock - M.TR003-S1 Trail
Thank you to Septicemia for finding that out for me!
I bought them years ago when EMP was still XtraX.

Demonia Gothika 200

Demonia Trashville 518 - I THINK.
According to most websites, mine are too short to be them.

Demonia Charade 206

Demonia Torment 703

Funtasma Dame 115

Demonia Swing 221
Bought off a friend last year who hadn't used them! Love them.

Dr. Martens X Joy Division 1460 Unknown Pleasures
My very first pair of docs! Ofc it had to be these.

Vintage pikes I got on Depop for £10!

Second hand winklepicker sandals but brand new from Zara

New Rock pikes and victorian boots from Oak Tree Farms (our wedding shoes!) 

Bat buckle pikes from Goth Pikes

 Now for Simen's pairs!
Steelground Rebel 103
I got him these for his birthday last year. He needed it!

New Rock M.373X-25 Vintage Flower, methinks?
He got this at EMP during WGT this year.

The classic Dr Martens 1460s

New Rock M.272MT-S1 Reactor
We amazingly found this at a thrift store 5 minutes away from us! Couldn't believe it.

That's all, folks!
What do you think of our shoe collection?

Sunday, October 29, 2017

My Halloween Plus Lots More!

Hey everyone! I've just had another busy week. Not as busy as my last one, but still didn't have time to blog. So let's just cram it all into this post! Hopefully you'll get through it allright, LOL.

Idk if other countries have these?
Everyone ever has let me be completely stupid!
I used to say I only liked the orange ones LOL

Modded BoF shirt - Vampirefreaks
Leather skirt - Forever 21
Stockings - Walmart (halloween)

Modded shirt - Old staff shirt
Leggings - Dysfunctional Doll

 Have a rare selfie of my face - with make-up!

This week I started a new job, at a burger bar. I love it so far! It feels so great to be back where I want to be. At the same time an old friend of mine came to visit, along with a friend of hers! So that was a pleasant extra. 

I got a bunch of new lipstick! So far I've only tried the black MAC one (pretty good), and the first of the MAC Vamplify ones (not good - it's basically an ok pigmented lipgloss). Can you tell that I'm a sucker for dark colors? I love that I can get cool colors like this everyone now, versus some years ago where the coolest colors I could get were blackened plums and cherries.

Goth pantyliners! HEHEHEH.

Modded leather jacket - Poizen Industries
Top - Second hand
Pants - Darkside
Boots - New Rock

So as you can see, I dyed my hair again! When I put the bleach in, my purple streaks instantly turned green. I was so scared my hair wouldn't lift, that I planned to cut all of my hair off the next day. But it turned out great! So instead I've decided to cut my hair in a pixie cut when I finish this tub of color (Manic Panic Fuchsia Shock). I haven't cut my hair for 5 years, as an ''how long can my hair get?'' experiment (plus hello, I look like a black metal man) - It's now 1 meter long! And I'm getting sick of it. Everything is kind of a hassle. So hopefully I finish this tub when it gets warmer again, so it will feel extra nice to chop it all off!

Oh! On saturday me and Simen were catwalk models at a second hand show as part of International Week in the city center. It went pretty great! People loved it. I'm hoping to get photos, and I'll definitely share them with you guys! I'm also waiting for photos from the WWF course last week.

My halloween costume! How do you like it? I decided to drop the wig I had bought for the costume, cause it was so awful. My actual hair looks way nicer - plus I could show off my new color (that matches the cape)! I knew I wanted to do a frozen effect coming out of my jaw, and snow crystals. I just had no idea how, haha. But I managed to wing it pretty well, and it didn't take much time either! So I am really happy with the result. I like being non-spooky for halloween, since I'm spooky all year round anyway.

I went to Hulen (The Cave - it literally is), which I think has the best atmosphere for a halloween party. The decorations weren't bad, but there weren't as many people as I've seen in previous years, and the music wasn't THAT good (not that I could hear it from where I was sitting anyway). But I loved seeing all the costumes people were wearing!
Women's bathroom, heheh.


Shirt - Festival merch
Cargo pants - Mango
Kitty socks - Second hand (from my sister, don't worry xD)

And there we have it! Hope I didn't tire you out there. I actually have more photos from this week, but they weren't that good anyway, so I'll just leave them out. I knew this would be a long post anyway. But I hope you liked it! Let me know what you think about any of my adventures this week!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

What a jam-packed week!

Hello, everyone! I hope you've had a nice week. I've been VERY busy this week, I've had something out of the ordinary happening every single day this week! Monday morning I had a meeting. We went grocery shopping prior to the meeting, and I found this huge teddy bear! It's 150 cm tall, which is taller than me (146 cm)! Ok maybe with the platform boots we're equally tall. Of course I got a photo.

From tuesday to thursday, I had one job interview per day. That was kind of crazy, I didn't expect that! So I thought I'd first share what I wore to them with you. The one above this (as well as underneath) is my evening version, after business has been taken care of. Under that is the version of the outfit I wore to two interviews. Fancy, and even more fancier!
Lace blazer - Thrifted
Tank top with lace trim - Gina Tricot
Underbust corset - Xtrax (now EMP)
Skirt - Burleska

Blazer - H&M

Blazer - DIY
2-in-1 top - Spiral
Studded belt - Witchy Bitchy (local shop)
Skirt - Lip Service
Underskirt - Poizen Industries
Leggings - Dysfunctional Doll

Yes, believe it or not, I wore this outfit to a job interview. And I got it! One hour after leaving. It's for a bar + burger restaurant, so I can be myself - I love when you can be yourself 100% at work!

Backtracking a bit to wednesday - First thing that morning me and Simen went to a thrift store to borrow outfits for a fashion show we're gonna be models for next weekend. While I was there, I found this album for super cheap! 29 NOK would be less than 4 USD, 3 EURO or less than 3 GBP.
It was in the rock section along with stuff like Celion Dion and Destiny's Child. So I definitely recommend taking your time in the music section at thrift stores, and look through all the genres.

Later that day I also dyed Sandra's hair with Manic Panic's Enchanted Forest - She has a lot of long hair, so it took ages, but it turned out great! I'm gonna do my own hair soon, just waiting for the dye to come in the mail! I'm gonna go back to pink, but this time Fuchsia Shock - also from Manic Panic.

Oh, and lastly that day, we had dinner with Simen's dad. It was really nice seeing him again.

Simen bought some Curiosity Cola!

Shirt - H&M
Aeternus girlie - Official merch

Snippet of outfit for the last days of the weekend. I can reveal that I have been on a course arranged by WWF to become certified to clean up oil spills along the coast! It's so cool that they're doing this, and it's great to be able to participate in important causes IN PERSON, and actually feel like you're making a difference. I will write about the 3-day course in another post. Hope you enjoyed these snippets of my week, and I will see you again soon!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dysfunctional Doll Haul

Hey! Today I have for you a haul from Dysfunctional Doll!
I wanted to buy all the Gothic Beauty issues I didn't have.
And then I ended up buying some more stuff!

So cute!

I got these rings for Simen. Aren't they cool?!

All of the issues I was missing.
Now I have all that they have on the website, plus some more!
If you are interested in seeing my entire collection, let me know!

Now for all the leggings I got!
They are all SO soft.
Paired with a shirt I got at H&M yesterday. 
Haunted Mansion

Jack Skellington

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

I hope you didn't get dizzy by all of the stripes, haha! I realized I needed some more pants, and I don't really like pants, so when I saw these leggings I just had to have them! I really recommend them, I just can't get over how soft they are. In combination with selling Alchemy Gothic and being the only place you can buy new issues of Gothic Beauty magazine, it's not a bad site! Worth checking out.

What did you think of my haul?
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