Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Goth Boot Collection

Last update: 20.01.2021

Happy Halloween / Samhain! Today I have a little treat for you; my goth boot collection! I basically only wear boots (other than the boots in these posts, I have two pairs of work shoes and one pair of Converse), . Over the years I have collected a few boots, so I thought I'd show you what I have right now - and also what Simen currently has. Most of these are actually the shoes I put on my wishlist in my mid teens, and a couple of years ago I completed the wishlist! Demonia Emily 309 were also on the list, but I gave them away (shoutout to Mia!) since they were too big - It took an accident where I almost destroyed my knees to give them up. After I bought victorian boots this year, I felt like my shoe collection was complete - buut I've been starting to like the look of pikes / winklepickers (which I used to dislike before - I also don't like creepers). So we'll see if my collection will grow! But mainly I like my shoes big and stompy. I might do an update later, especially when Simen collects more shoes. At that point I may or may not just edit this post. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Demonia Gothika 101

New Rock - M.TR003-S1 Trail
Thank you to Septicemia for finding that out for me!
I bought them years ago when EMP was still XtraX.

Demonia Gothika 200

Demonia Trashville 518 - I THINK.
According to most websites, mine are too short to be them.

Demonia Charade 206

Demonia Torment 703

Funtasma Dame 115

Demonia Swing 221
Bought off a friend last year who hadn't used them! Love them.

Dr. Martens X Joy Division 1460 Unknown Pleasures
My very first pair of docs! Ofc it had to be these.

Vintage pikes I got on Depop for £10!

Second hand winklepicker sandals but brand new from Zara

New Rock pikes and victorian boots from Oak Tree Farms (our wedding shoes!) 

Bat buckle pikes from Goth Pikes

 Now for Simen's pairs!
Steelground Rebel 103
I got him these for his birthday last year. He needed it!

New Rock M.373X-25 Vintage Flower, methinks?
He got this at EMP during WGT this year.

The classic Dr Martens 1460s

New Rock M.272MT-S1 Reactor
We amazingly found this at a thrift store 5 minutes away from us! Couldn't believe it.

That's all, folks!
What do you think of our shoe collection?


  1. They look just like my trashville so gotta be them! Love your torment 703 *__*

    1. They do! But sites say the platform is 3 1/4'', which google says is a little over 8 cm. Mine are about 6 cm. Maybe the conversion is off, or I have an old version? Idk.
      Thank you! ^^

  2. Nice collection, I just love boots and rarely wear anything else either.

    I think your New Rocks from XtraX are from the Trail collection, could it be the M.TR003-S1? *total nerd over here*


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