Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Halloween Haul!

Hey! Yesterday I went halloween shopping with my sister. It was pretty successful, I ended up buying an entire outfit! And since I'm a halloween all year kind of person, only one of the items will not be for everyday wear, haha. First, let me just show you what I was wearing yesterday!

Lace-sleeved top - EMP
Tank top - Gifted
Pants - Second hand
Skelly socks - H&M

White wig - Flying Tiger Copenhagen
Jewelry - Flying Tiger Copenhagen
Pumpkin t-shirt - H&M
Bat skirt - H&M
Stockings - Witchy Bitchy (local shop)

The awful wig is for my halloween costume, which is gonna be Anna from Frozen! I bought the costume while working at Disney World, and I haven't worn it in ages, so why not! Everything I bought was super cheap too, so I am pretty satisfied! I sadly didn't find any nice home decor, but it's okay, I already have a lot of it.

This popped up on facebook today! This is me at 16, 7 years ago!

Choker - Flying Tiger Copenhagen
Tank top - Gifted
Oversized shirt - EMP
Jeans - Freego
Minnie socks - H&M

That's all I have for you today! What did you think of my haul?
Have you been halloween shopping, and what are you planning to dress up as?


  1. Love your pumpkin outfit! Reminds me of your jumpsuit thingy. Gotta go explore oslos shops as well for halloween goodies 😁

    1. Thank you! :D Hope you find something cool! I want more xD


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