Saturday, December 2, 2017

Just casual things

Hey! I was just going through my pictures from the Satyricon gig, and realized I had taken a lot of pictures before that that I haven't posted yet, so I thought I'd do that in a separate post!

Fishnet top - Goodgoth, maybe
Lisbeth's Kiss necklace - Alchemy Gothic
Bandeau top - EMP
Bat belly button jewelry - Crazy Factory
Spiked belt - Witchy Bitchy (local shop)
Mini skirt - DIY
Boots - Demonia

After putting that outfit on, I saw this...
Whoops. I guess I'm badass!

I made pie from scratch for the first time!
It turned out great! Definitely doing it again.

Cute mini tacos!

Snow has come and gone...

Muffin with nutella!
We've made a lot of fun foods lately.

Memory from 6 years ago!
I found my dad's pilot hat.
I felt like Zoot from The Tribe!
Does anyone else remember that show?
It probably inspired me when it comes to style.

A guest gave us huge googly eyes as tips!

 Gin with marshmallows!

So that was kind of a recap from the last week! Not too exciting, but that's life for ya. Can't wait for the holidays! And in a week we'll be celebrating my dad's 70th birthday! So that'll be fun.
My next post will be about the Satyricon show, so stay tuned for that! Until then, take care!

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