Sunday, January 7, 2018

First Looks of 2018 & Life After Death Design Coffins! (+ Two Exciting Things)

Happy new year, everyone! I feel this first week of the year has been so long, somehow. If you didn't check it out yet, I made a ''Best of'' page for my blog that you'll find in the tab above! There you can easily find my best posts and my personal favorites. SO. What's been going on my first week of 2018? We can start with new year's eve. We went to a party with some really nice people, we stood on the rooftop at midnight and didn't go home until like 8 AM. This is what I looked like!
Dress - Tripp NYC

On the 2nd was my work's yule party. We had a small pre-party before going. The food was tapas, and I was so full that I couldn't move! Took the last bus home, so I didn't party all night, haha.

Satin bolero - Thrifted
Crystal - A shop in a spiritual camp in Florida
Dress - Second hand (Queen of Darkness)
Bloody stockings - Second hand

The second part of Simen's yule present to me was late, and it finally arrived. And damn, it was worth the wait! He had gotten me a coffin make-up brush holder and palette holder from Life After Death Design! I had mentioned I wanted the brush holder ONCE, and he knew me well enough to decide to get the palette holder as well, but not the lipstick holder. Damn, best boyfriend ever! Also, bonus for supporting a small business. I know how much it means to them! Click here for their Etsy!

Added q-tips in the left compartment.
I love that the compartments have different sizes!
Perfect for brushes in all sizes.
And my god it holds so much!

My everyday palettes plus Too Faced palettes.
I like that this can also hold palettes in different sizes!
If you can't tell, the Chocolate Chip palette is at the bottom.

The coolest thank you letter!

This weekend I've been working. It was pretty quiet, so kind of boring. After work on yesterday I met up with Henriette, who I haven't seen since high school! We got talking again because I decided to finally cut off all of my hair! It's been 5 or 6 years since I cut it, and now I'm REALLY sick of it. Henriette is actually apprenticing in hairdressing, so she will cut my hair! Perfect! So on tuesday at noon, I'm cutting it! Most likely dyeing it too, since I have pink stripes.

Today I woke up sick, but I refuse. I've even taken pills (I HATE pills and usually need to at least half them), and it's helped a bit. So now taking it easy on the couch, I need to be well enough to work tomorrow as well as get my hair done on tuesday! So wish me luck with that, haha.

We have also booked the WGT trip! We will be staying may 15th to 24th. Originally I wanted to stay for Norway's national day (the 17th), because my grandmother's national costume will most likely be ready for me by then, but it would cost us WAY more if we flew late on the 17th or on the 18th. So the cheapest option was to stay longer! It feels so nice to have done it. Now to wait for bands!
The Jesus & Mary Chain are the first band to be announced, so that promises great things.

Okay, I'm gonna go now. Next time I post, all of my hair will be gone! Can you believe it?!

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  1. Wow, that brush holder is beautiful! Now I know what I need in my bathroom^^


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