Wednesday, January 31, 2018

H&M Goes Goth - Again? Haul & Try-On

Almost a year ago I published this post, and it somehow became one of my most read posts. And by chance, I'm doing another one! I was wearing some fishnets that I realized had now ripped to the point that they were unwearable. When the crotch rips, I just cut the top part off and use them with a garter belt. You could also wear it as a shirt, or use them as arm ''warmers''! But now they had even ripped in the toes, and I just can't handle that. I thought I'd check H&M and see if they had some fishnets on sale, and BOY, DID THEY. So I checked my H&M ''wait for sale'' wishlist, and found that a bunch of the stuff I wanted was on sale! Sadly some were sold out already, but I managed to get three outfits plus something for Simen for only 1000 NOK! So here they are:

As if we need any more JD UP prints...

New beanie and hoodie for Simen!
I will probably steal it a lot LOL

I've never had red fishnets before, so this was about time!
Now I have enough fishnets to last me a while.
The knee highs were actually knee high on me!

A gorgeous dress that fit perfectly!
I LOVE one-shouldered tops.
Why don't they make that anymore?

I also love off-the-shoulder tops.
I have big shoulders for my body, so I think it looks great on me.
This top has bra-wire in the cleavage, which is weird, but okay!
The top also fit me very well, even slightly tight around the shoulders.
The latex look skirt is super cute!

I wasn't sure about this top, but it was only 40 NOK.
I don't think it suited me very well, but I'll try to style it differently.
And isn't this mermaid pleather skirt gorgeous?!
It fits my small hips perfectly!
The inside of the long zipper is a little bulky, but I think I'll manage.

So that was our winter 2017 H&M haul! I absolutely love how gothic they have become lately, especially the past year. Super affordable too! So I definitely recommend goths to check out H&M and see what they have on sale. I've heard different places have different stuff, so the stuff you've seen here might not be available where you are. But use the website, it's so much easier. I personally hate shopping in physical stores, so I prefer that. This only took 4 days to be delivered! So I'm very satisfied with them. Now go check out their stuff before it's all gone!

What did you think of our haul?


  1. I love them all. Beautiful dresses

  2. You really got some great stuff, love the JD zip hoodie! I mainly shop at H&M's website since it's easier and they have so much more online than in any of their physical stores.

    For this winter sale at H&M I got two velvet dresses and a few basic t-shirts =)

    1. Thanks! Me too! I hate physical shopping, hahah.
      Awesome! ^^


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