Sunday, January 28, 2018

Matching Couple Piercings!

Okay, so this kind of happened on a whim, but kind of not. I used to have my lobes pierced as a kid, but gun + bad aftercare advice = forget about it. I've been wanting to get them re-done, and eventually get tons of ear piercings, but I've put it off, cause boring. But now that I have short hair and my ears are constantly visible, I thought why not? Simen has been wanting to get his pierced for a while, and eventually stretch them. So we decided to go get pierced the next day!

We went to Let's Buzz, where we got super great service. I let Simen go first, since these were going to be his very first piercings. The second he came out of the piercing room he looked SMOKIN'!
I didn't even feel it in my left ear, but I felt it in my right, as a big lump of scar tissue was punctured.
Simen got 2.4 mm right away, which was great since he's gonna stretch them later, plus the piercer thought a ''real man with long hair and a beard should have some size to them'', and it suits him really well! I got the 1.6 mm, so pretty standard. We both got rings, cause fuck studs. We ain't children!
Tadaa! Sucky car photo, but oh well.

Awkward in photos as always.
But looking good!

Selfie right before we went.
Gosh I don't look like myself anymore!

Oh and Simen told me he has ordered me this!
It's a discontinued Alchemy Gothic ring.
But he managed to find ONE and ordered it!
My god, he's the best.

Simple outfit from.. idk, some day earlier.
Modded Emilie Autumn tee - Asylum Emporium
Mermaid skirt - Thrifted
Striped stockings - Walmart around halloween

Had to take a new profile picture cause new hair.
I am badass.

Emma took this of me at Hanna's birthday celebration.
Do I look like Lisbeth Salander or do I look like Lisbeth Salander?

Oh and Sallie Serpentine (Salix) on Gothic Amino drew me!
Thank you so much!


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