Thursday, January 25, 2018

Pinky Paradise Haul & Review

Hello! Today I have a haul from Pinky Paradise to show you! They had their black friday sale for a long time, so I was able to take advantage of it! So here is everything I got!

5 different pairs, 6 pairs in total

These are the ones I'm currently using

So pretty! Sadly they only last 2 weeks each.

Adorable cases!

Perfect since I am now using a planner!

 ...and idk. But still cute

I have been using circle lenses since I was 16, when I got them from my optician in the Philippines. I became pretty addicted after that. I can see, and it's like wearing make-up! I used to wear them in all kinds of crazy colors, but as you can see, I stick to pretty natural colors now. My eyes are a pretty dark brown, so I use browns and blacks. I think this is the first time I order from Pinky Paradise, but I have used several of the brands before - I'm pretty sure I've used the very first pair before.

It took a month and two weeks for me to receive the lenses, which I consider a very long time, even for asian sites. But I think a bunch of time is because I was emailing back and forth with customer service. It was really weird, they kept saying they couldn't match the lenses because the base curve or color was different - for the SAME lenses. They never answered how this could be, and I ended up getting fed up with them asking me to pick alternatives for THREE pairs of lenses, so I just told them to send them to me. They were like ''But surely you don't want lenses that have noticeable differences?'' - I asked why again, and told them to just send them to me. They just said ok and sent them.

Other than that, it was all packaged really well, nothing was damaged, and I didn't even have to pay customs or tax when it arrived - I also ordered for over $49, so I got free shipping. I don't remember if all of them were on sale, but they were pretty cheap! I prefer buying circle lenses vs buying regular contact lenses here in Norway, it's way more expensive here.

For most of them the website states they last for 1 year. In my years of circle lens experience, this isn't true. Now, I use my lenses to be able to see, so I wear them every day all day. So for me they will last for a maximum of 4 months. If you just use them for special occasions, maybe they will last for 1 year, since ''halloween'' type lenses also say the same thing. I don't think they recommend you to wear them for more than 8 hours anyway. They might get a little dry after that point. Listen to your body, if your eyes are uncomfortable, take them off immediately. Looking good is not worth damaging your precious eyes. I always keep the contact lens case with solution and my glasses in my bag in case I want to take my contacts off while I'm out.

I have only opened one pair so far, I just want to use one pair at a time as long as they last. I expect to have enough lenses for little over a year forward - so next black friday will be the perfect time to stock up on more! ;) Customer service behaved a little weird, but I guess that's what you get with asian sites - That's why I'm usually skeptic to them (sorry, brethren). But I don't think I will completely dismiss this site, the products seem really good. They also have a good reward point system. I will probably order from them again.


  1. Oooooo! The lenses are so pretty! You got a descent photo in the end ;)
    - Mia / yuukitherapy


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