Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Crimped Hair, Bunad & More!

Heyhey! I thought I'd do another ''snippets of daily life'' post. So here we go!

Saw a display of Isadora Moon books outside a bookstore!
Cutest books ever. If anyone has spooky kids, get them!

Visited my parents and dug out this old thing.

My lovely assistant

She is my *cough* LITTLE sister...
And the photos above my head are of me!

EIGHTIES (bonus goth points to be earned here)
Had to with my newly crimped hair, haha.

Simen: ''Since when do you take bathroom selfies?''

I've been breaking in my new waist training corset!
I'll show the progression in my upcoming haul post.

Bacon and cheese waffles! Genius and delicious.
Alanna: ''How are you so tiny?!''
I have no idea, girl, no idea.

And now my waist just looks even tinier, hahah.
My legs also look like twigs LOL

Lemon muffins!

Out to sea...

...to the island where my father grew up.

Getting my grandmother's bunad fitted to me!
The apron and the silver at my throat was borrowed.
Can't wait until it's ready!

And yes, that is also silver around my waist.

No, I'm not going vegan.
I'm just cutting out milk for a while.
I'm hoping it will help with my eczema.
If not, I'll cut out something else.
Let's see how it goes, wish me luck!

So what else is there? I just finished watching Penny Dreadful, since I never finished it. So good!
Oh and I'm also on Vero now! Follow me @ Caroline Åsgård (yes, that's my real name). I usually wait a loong time until I jump on these new fad apps. It took me years to get Snapchat, and when I finally got Instagram at the end of 2016, I deleted the former. My friends still hate me for that LOL
But this time after all the talk I decided to check it out, and I like it! I love that it's more culture-based, so I'll definitely be sharing music, books and movies / tv shows there. The news feed is also a great improvement compared to other social media. The way you add people is interesting too.

Can't think of anything else, so I'll leave you for now! My next post will probably be my huge collective haul. I'm wondering if I should get back into doing music reviews again, I kind of fell off doing that. I have a couple of hundred CDs, so there's a lot to take from! I'm open to suggestions.

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