Sunday, March 18, 2018

Party Look & More Fun Stuff

Hey! Since I have no life and didn't have plans this weekend (just my little sister paying a surprise visit in the middle of the night), I'll share my last weekend! Simen's parents were visiting, so friday we went out to eat, which was really nice. Saturday we had a delicious brunch at our place. Avoiding milk isn't hard, but a little annoying, since I love a lot of stuff containing dairy. But if my skin clears up, it'll all be worth it. I can treat myself to something containing dairy on special occasions. 

Before this photo was taken, the two dressers were in opposite places - We had just put them there when we moved in. But Simen's mother had the great idea of moving them, and it looks so much better now! The room looks bigger, the heights look good, and you can see the yule tree she gave us.

After they left I had just enough time to do a seasoning session of my new waist training corset, while getting ready for a party. I hadn't done my make-up in 5 weeks, because my skin has been awful (see why I'm cutting out dairy?). I also properly styled my hair, and crimping it first. Here are the results!

Necklace - Darkling Beloved
Custom dress - Rose Mortem
Vest - DIY
Blazer - DIY
Boots - Demonia

A couple of the fancy beers I brought to the party.

I had a lot of fun at the party! Caught up with friends, met some interesting new people, good music... Something very rare also occurred: I got drunk. That almost never happens to me! But it was a good drunk, so I enjoyed it. And all my friends did too. And especially Simen who came to pick me up!
I don't go out / party very often, and even when I do, it's very calm - and I probably go home early. Yeah I've felt like an old lady for a good while now. I think I save all my energy for WGT LOL

Speaking of WGT, I'm probably going to start planning outfits for that soon. My band wishlist is also growing, which is gonna be hard when the final schedule comes out - but it always is. At least it means I'll have a great time! Also, this week me and Simen will have our second anniversary!

Before I go, I'll throw in an outfit.
Did you do anything fun lately, and what are you looking forward to, soon or in the near-ish future?
Cute top - Thrifted
Corset - Mystic City Corsets
Leather skirt with pockets(!) - Forever 21


  1. I've cut a lot of dairy lately, mostly drinking oat milk that taste basic same.
    And I'm really anxious to go visit Brasil (well, I live 2 years in Finland and this will be first time i visit my country again!).
    You do super cool make up! Congrats!
    A Bela, não a Fera | A Bela, não a Fera no Youtube | Tem sorteio de 4 anos do blog!!!

    1. Is it for health reasons? Have you noticed any differences in your body?
      That's awesome! :D
      And thank you! ^-^

  2. I need to find some Motorhead beer here in the States. That looks really cool.

    1. It's really good, I really recommend it!
      I randomly found it at a grocery store here in Norway

  3. The dress from Rose Mortem looks amazing on you! It looks like you had a fun night at the party =)

  4. Your DIY vest and blazer look fabulous styled with the custom Rose Mortem dress in the first set of photos and I love that Darkling beloved necklace! +Your eye-makeup and lipstick look absolutely beautiful - you look exotic and very pretty. I also love the look of the top and corset in the last photo.


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