Friday, April 13, 2018

80s Goth Hair Tutorial

Hello! I realized that I haven't shown you guys how I do my hair, and I've gotten tons of compliments and questions about it, so about time I did it! I feel like I've found a way to style it that I like now. It's freshly shaved, so let me show you how you too can look like a cockatoo!

This is what my hair looks like naturally.

Very fine, smooth and straight.

Here are the main things I use:
- Crimper
- Taft Super Kleber Power Gel (strength 10)
- Teasing brush
- Taft Ultimate Haarlack (strength 6)

I split my hair down the middle first.
Then I take a section from the back and go from there.
Crimping it all towards the front, and repeat on the other side.

What it looks like after crimping! Much more volume.
So crimping definitely helps with achieving big hair!
Especially when you have hair like mine - it lasts longer too.

Bonus: I crimped Simen's hair while I was at it!
Oh and hey, if you want a hair tutorial on him, let me know!

Ok back to serious business.

I take about yea much.
Apply that throughout the hair, mostly in the roots.
I use the residue to smooth down the shaved part.

Now for the real deal!
I take sections about this small.
I tease those from all directions.
Focus on roots of course, and lightly through the rest.

It stands up on its own now, and I lock it in with spray.
If you really want it to hold, spray after each bit.

I work myself from the back and sideways.
Keep going...

...and keep going!

Move it around the way you want.
Then bathe in hairspray!
And you're done!

Hope you found that useful! You've got to have patience when it comes to achieving big hair. I find that sectioning it helps a lot with motivation to dedication (lol). And don't be afraid to experiment! That's how I achieved this. I think I'm addicted to crimping my hair now, hahah. It makes my hair so much more manageable! SO glad I digged it out of my parent's house. We'll see if I ever stop now. 

With this styling routine by the way, my hair will stay straight up like this through a sleep and until the next day at least. Some of the teasing goes out on its own, some when I touch / run my fingers through my hair, and some I literally have to untangle with my fingers. The crimp will stay in until I wash it - And I can go a while, my hair doesn't get greasy - That would take about a month! Yes, I have gone that long without washing my hair. I used to have over a meter of hair, remember? Didn't wash that every day. Had to plan a whole day around it! Still not used to washing it often yet.

Works with a headset too!
So anyway, I think I'll leave you with that! Hope you enjoyed that, and if you try it, I'd love to see it!

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