Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Lot Of High Hair

Hey! Felt it was time to post again now, I've been a little busy, but people seemed to be occupied reading my last post! I was pretty surprised at how many people read it. But I'm glad, thank you!
Thought I'd just recap the past week for you, with some pictures. Hope you enjoy!

My foundation is too light now. We went to the yearly ''internal festival'' at Hulen (The Cave) for people who work and have worked there - Mainly to see Heather play. It was great fun!

Morning after.
Best bedhead ever!

The next day Simen came home with flowers, omg!
This is the first time, cause I won't accept flowers.
But I will accept a flower POT!

He also went overboard and got me this.
He's learned this is one of my favorite chocolate brands.

On friday my sister turned 19!

Yup, that's my 5 year younger sister, haha.

So I'm liking the accidental Robert Smith / Siouxsie look!

The rest of friday evening was spent finishing my blazer while watching Dark Shadows.
As I'm writing this, I'm watching episode 606! So I've gotten pretty far now.
It's so fucking dramatic, it's both frustrating and hilarious!

And omg, I need to show this to you. Nox Decay who I've gotten to know recently drew this of us! She imagined what us meeting will look like. She's so talented, it's spot on! Hope I get to meet her soon - cause we live in the same fucking country! Then we'll have to recreate this in a photo LOL

Saturday night I went to ''Sort Messe'' (Black Mass) at Hulen (what, going there twice in a week?! The last time I was there was over 3 months ago LOL), which was billed as a doom rock / metal event. Not my usual kind of music, but we knew the first band, so why not support them.

The past few days I haven't done much, but I still go to the hospital every day - I will be doing that for one more week now, and then I'm done! I've made so much progress now, but I'm still gonna have to grease up a lot, haha. It's pretty exhausting to do, but I guess I'll have to!

Oh and one more thing before I go; I have something exciting to share with you, but you're gonna have to wait a week to find out! It's really awesome, I promise you. I will probably share it on my Facebook page first, so if you want to know make sure you're following me on there! Stay tuned!

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