Monday, April 16, 2018


Hey! Today I'm just gonna spam you with photos - mostly of me. Now that I'm getting treatment at the hospital (still going there every day), I'm feeling so much better about myself, it's such a confidence and energy boost! The light and sun is really affecting me - I guess that happens when you're half filipino living in Norway! So bear with me, I hope you don't mind, haha!

Spent fucking ages on this make-up.
I usually spend as little time as possible.
I felt so bad washing it off!

Aw yizz, so extra.
How's my lingo? LOL

Thrifted this pillow and this necklace!
I'm wearing it in the photos above.

This is what phototherapy is doing to me!
I of course wasn't as pale as Simen, but still!
And I will probably keep getting darker.
I don't mind by the way - I actually like it!
I use bronzer too!
I must be the only goth who does.

On saturday we went into the city center.
Bought some stuff for the house, and.. BUBBLES.

I love that last one, hahahah.
And the fact that I look super dark.
Everyone I walked past loved it!
Especially the kids.
An old lady also said ''How cozy! Have a nice day!''
Oh yeah, a darkling spreading happiness.

In the bag I'm carrying in the photos above was this.
THRIFT SCORE. It's so beautiful!
It was almost $40, but the quality seemed worth it.
It seems brand new!
I looked up the brand, they sell plain blazers for $185.
So I guess I made a good bargain!

Sunday afternoon. Gotta use our huge terrace!
It's been 18 Celsius in Bergen this week, incredible!
Not too long ago there was tons of snow.
So I'm definitely happy now!

Oh wow, you stayed all the way to the end?
Here, have a song!

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