Saturday, April 21, 2018

Change Your Life, Re-Lace Your Shoes!

Hey! Today I have a little quicktip for you. Simen had to replace a shoelace, and I re-laced his shoes in a better way, and that got me thinking... When the day was over, I had re-laced ALL of my shoes. On some of the shoes, it made the world of a difference! I have a good few boots, and a bunch aren't even comfortable, and some of them are too big. But I'm stubborn and want to wear pretty shoes for special occasions. I don't like to wear them other times, it's too much of a hassle. Now with some of them, I feel I could wear them for a short trip out of the house without a problem! So I'm REALLY glad I decided to take the time to re-lace them. Why haven't I done that before?!

The ones that improved the most
So I thought I'd just share that idea with you! I'm sure I'm not the only one who keeps the laces like they are when you get them. Swapping the laces out on some shoes could be a good idea as well. Here's a great website with easy to follow guides to TONS of ways to lace your shoes! Now we all have different needs, so what I did (criss cross, lock lacing, end shortening, ukranian and random shit I made up with trial and error) might not work for you. Check out the site and see what lacing could improve your shoes! Maybe it could help you as much as it did for me! I'm SO ready for WGT.

Here's an example of a lacing method that didn't work out for me. It's very loose, so it felt like the shoe was going to fall off. So this would work on shoes that already fit you well and keeps their shape without tight laces, I guess. It looks really cool though! Especially in a contrasting color.

Hope that put an idea into your head! Do you ever re-lace your shoes after buying them?

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