Friday, April 27, 2018

Goth Patched Blazer DIY

Hey! Time to finally show off my latest project! It only took a few days, like I thought it would. So now I have another patched creation to show off at WGT! I think it's gonna be cool enough for me to wear blazers, at least in the evenings. I'm so glad I managed to fit all the patches I wanted on it!

The first one - Took seconds to apply, obviously LOL

This one is so beautiful!

Cause Cocteau Twins are amazing.

Bottom row on the back finished

Left arm
I've gotten comments on it already, love it!

Starting to build on the back..


..and more..

..and more!

Right arm
God, sewing on sleeves is annoying.
Can't say I'm looking forward to my leather jacket...

Gah, this one is so cool!

Fucking badass.

Gotta have one of the masters of horror on there!

And this iconic image.

Now that you've seen the details, here's the finished product!

What do you think? :D


  1. It looks amazing! I'm about to start on my leather jacket but aren't sure how to go about it. What kind of needle and thread are you gonna use on yours?

    1. Thank you! I use leather needles and nylon thread on it. I also wear thin gloves, use a thimble and use double-sided tape to keep the patches in place while I'm sewing. I also recommend having music or a tv show in the background! Sewing in leather can get really frustrating xD

    2. Thanks! I think the tip about double-sided tape will come in really handy =D

      Yeah, I'm always "watching" something while sewing, or listening to a podcast or music. It's tedious without entertainment ^^

    3. Yay, glad to help! And to think a year ago I had barely sewn anything in my life x'D
      Yeah! Right now for me it's Dark Shadows, haha. I'm on episode 629 now!


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