Monday, April 9, 2018

Ragdoll by Daniel Cole Review

A ''ragdoll'' body put together by six victims is found, which seems to have a connection to a case from a few years back, that newly reinstated detective William Fawkes AKA Wolf is very familiar with. His journalist ex-wife receives a list with the six next people to die, with corresponding dates - And Wolf is at the bottom of the list.

It becomes a race against time for Wolf and his colleagues to figure out the connection between the victims, who is behind all this and prevent the deaths of everyone on the list. I don't think I'll reveal more than that, so you can experience the thrill for yourselves!

I read an advance reader copy of the norwegian translation, so there were some mistakes here and there. But luckily that didn't take away from the experience!
It's a well-written, thrilling novel with a good pace, and pretty realistic characters. I can definitely picture this adapted to the screen! So if you're a fan of crime shows / novels, you'll probably really like this. I definitely did! I'll probably be checking out the sequel later on.

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