Friday, April 6, 2018

Thrift Haul & Personal Updates

Hello, everyone! Hope you all are well. I was just at the thrift store, and got some goodies I thought I'd share with you! Instead of spending my spare cash (cash is superfluous in Norway) on a cd at the record store, I thought it would be a good idea to see if the thrift store had some! So I got WAY more for the 200 NOK I had. Here's what I got! 
A simple blazer that I will probably decorate sometime.

Pretty decent finds! All for 100 NOK.
God I LOVE the Mellon Collie album.
I used to listen to it ALL the time like 10 years ago!

Got another Jo Nesbø book, I'm really getting into him now.
If you like scandinavian crime, I really recommend him!

So, I wanted to update you on what is happening with me nowadays. I mentioned that my eczema has gotten worse, and it really has. The past week I've spoken to two doctors, been to two ERs, and gotten antibiotics and cortisone tablets, and even more creams. FINALLY with help from two of the doctors I saw I got an appointment at the skin department of the hospital (they refused me yesterday, probably because of some communication error).
Today I got SO well taken care of, a nurse slathered me in cream and put bandages on me, and gave me a whole bag of stuff for me to use at home this weekend. Next week I'll be admitted during the day and get phototheraphy. I'm so happy! Atopic eczema is awful, especially when it flares up. I've learned to live with it, but this time my whole body got infected, I just couldn't take it anymore. So I'm really happy that I'm getting help now! I'll probably go through a lot of treatment the next month.

Ok on to something.. less serious I guess, haha. On monday we drove down to Simen's parents, so he could change to his summer tires. I was sleep deprived (goddamn eczema), and Simen randomly woke up.. so early it was late, so we just decided to drive super early in the morning - which felt really good! I guess I understand why parents always want to drive early on roadtrips now.

I randomly looked up when the ferry docked, and saw this! Love it.

When we arrived, the weather was beautiful! According to my phone (which is a little old) it was 6C, but according to Simen's brand new one it was 10C, which I felt was more likely. We sat outside in the sun having lunch while Simen changed his tires - and I rolled up my leggings! That was probably the first time my legs had seen the sun since.. last summer sometime, hahahah. Summer come soon!

My mother-in-law's super awesome bunny pillows!

My inlaws recently got this magical cooktop!
I jumped when I touched it, hahahah.
You can slide to select temperature! So fancy.

Our sleep hadn't improved, so we set off for home at 6 AM the next morning. Ironically it started snowing on our way home, but luckily it didn't stick. Took a little pit stop and visited my friend Julianne, who lives in the middle of freaking nowhere. So that was nice! Our last stop on the journey was my parents' house, so Simen could stash his winter tires. Also had some dinner. We had been living off of gas stations, cause nothing is freaking open during easter! One gas station was even closed when we stopped there. But overall, it was a nice trip! I love roadtrips. Hopefully we'll do some longer ones this summer!

That's all I've got this time! I'm gonna party with some friends tomorrow, so hoping to get all ''goffed up'' and hopefully feel a little better about how I look. Other than that, I'll just keep taking care of my skin, and start living at the hospital from monday on. We'll see if I blog about all that! Until we speak again, take care of yourselves, and hope you have a nice weekend! Bye!


  1. Eczema a pain I occasionally get flare up of eczema on my hand and arms and chest it's painful. Nothing compared my older sister had it over her entire body. Eventually, the doctors tried her on cancer treatment drug which seemed to help.

    Any good luck with your treatment and great thrift score.

    1. It really sucks! Thank you!
      Most of the infection seems to be gone now, luckily. Can't wait to see how much better I'll be after a week in the hospital!

  2. I have psoriasis which flares up with food am intolerant to and stress... it is absolutely awful, and mine usually appears on my face, hands, legs... I hope you get what you need, that burning feeling is horrendous !x

    1. Sorry to hear that :( It's not fun to live with at all, I get so self-conscious because of it.
      I'm at the hospital now, gonna be here a lot over the next month! That's GOT to kill it for a while, haha.


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