Monday, May 28, 2018


Hello, long time no see! I guess you all know I've been in Germany for Wave Gotik Treffen. We were there from the 15th to the 24th, so a pretty long time. I obviously needed a few days to rest, get back to normal again and not least, go through all the photos. We took over 400, and I ended up with about 200. So needless to say all of these posts will be very image-heavy, but I guess that's what you want! Ok, let me take you through the 15th to WGT pre-parties! Here we go!

What we thought was a hilarious pun in the morning
And a perfect description of my casual travel outfit

Our little travel companion!

Some guy gave a rap performance on the train in Berlin xD

Try ''PeopleIAmHungryPleaseOpenUp''

Arrived in Leipzig! Such beautiful architecture.

Pizza Hut's mac n cheese pizza that I've been missing since last year

Art at the main station!

The stores are ready for WGT...

I'm pretty sure these saved our lives

Gotta stock up!

And yes, they're black.

Simen got this for 20€!

And I got this for only 10€!
It's a high-waist skirt, but for me it's a dress, haha.

Now that's a pretty bank.

Out eating schnitzel! Ofc I got the biggest one of all..

Outfit for pre-party

We wore little ribbons, cause that day was Norway's national day!

So that happened. Luckily I didn't freak out!

The manliest man that ever manned.

Found myself some Hello Kitty shoes too!

Photo from Spontis - Check it out if you're a german speaker!
We pre(pre?)-partied at Jen and Holger's place, where we also had dinner the night before.
I didn't get to meet them last year, so it was really nice seeing them again!
And at the pre-party we met tons of nice people.
I managed to get super drunk (take it easy my ass).
I realized I had had at least 6 vodka red bulls, made with half a small can each. Whoops.
We somehow ended up at Moritzbastei for the real pre-party.

And that's where I finally met Benedikt in person!
You can find him online as Attic Ghost.

I'll end this post there! Three days recapped already. The next posts will cover each day of the festival, but of course, each day was jam-packed with activities, so they will probably be long too. Check back here every day for a new WGT post! Hope you enjoy!


  1. As you mentioned architecture, my parents did some of these tours when visiting me in Leipzig. Might be interesting if you have time and like it


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