Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wave Gotik Treffen 2018 Day 2

Are you ready for day 2?! I don't think you are. But let's do it anyway!

Simple outfit, no make-up and hair done.

Walked past a hearse meetup!

Agra :D

The only shop I wanted to check out this year was Gothicat.

Got this shirt, cause my humor is awful.

And this pin!

So cute!

Thank you Punk Rave, you saved our asses.

Then it was off to Volkspalast to get ready for the fetish party!
So a lot of the photos below this are NSFW, just saying.

Spent ages on my make-up, which isn't completed here.

My.. outfit. LOL
I guess you have guessed by now that we had an egyptian theme!

 It's showtime!

It was really fun! Great people, music and performances. The smoking dancefloor played a lot of traditional goth rock, so I danced a lot there when it opened. After that I danced on the mainstage between acts (watched a little bit of some of them, looked awesome). When all of the acts were finished, all of us egyptian dancers went up on stage for the big finale. That's when I noticed Adora Batbrat in the crowd, who was apparently waving at me, and waving me over. She hugged and kissed me, and I dragged her up on stage with us - and then it all broke out into a huge danceparty! I think at some point almost everyone on stage were swedes, hahahah. Norwegian vs swedish dance-off! I danced for an hour, and after that I was completely pooped. And this happened:

A blister on my fucking toe!! Wtf?!

Selfie before retiring. Don't I look great..

So that was an intense night! It definitely ruined my feet for the rest of the festival. Check back tomorrow to see how I tortured my feet EVEN MORE! How did I even survive, geez.

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