Sunday, June 3, 2018


Wave Gotik Treffen 2018 is over, nooo! But we stayed in Leipzig for a couple more days, so there was still stuff to be done! When we woke up the day after WGT was over, we got messages about a garden party happening, so we packed our stuff in record time and moved everything over to Inez again, and together we managed to find the garden the party was in. It was just a casual barbecue, everyone was of course super tired, but it was really nice and cozy.

Cutest cup ever

The next day me and Simen walked around the city centre doing some last minute shopping, mainly picking up small things for Daniel AKA The Count - I wanted to send give him a little WGT feeling since he couldn't be there. Then I sent it off from there to save on shipping costs.

Speaking of gifts, Inez gave me this weird but funny gift!
They're just my size, hahahah.

Then we decided to look at a beautiful church closeby - I had visited it before a few years back, when I was drunk and wandering around alone in the wee morning hours. LOOK AT IT, WOW.

Messages in a bottle!

Somehow Simen also got a blister in the same spot.

Look what our landlord left us! How sweet.

Laundry time!

Going through all the fucking photos.
It went from over 400 to 200!
Don't remember if I mentioned that already.

I'll end this with Benedikt's wonderful cybergoth edit of me.

So that was it! Our WGT adventure for this year is over. Took me a few days to not feel undead anymore, and get back into normal life. Now we just wait for next year! We plan to do more festivals this summer though; Bergenfest (Nick Cave!), Subkult and maybe Prague Gothic Treffen.

Hope you've enjoyed reading about our WGT 2018 experience! Have you ever been, how did you like it? If not, are you planning to? If so, check out my Ultimate WGT Guide!

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  1. Looks like a fun time guys. Definitely need to make it to this area of the world; mom was born in Germany.


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