Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Sock in a mug!!!

Hey! Hope you've had a nice weekend and start of the week. I've mostly been reading and taking it easy. I'll be posting some more book reviews soon, specifically on books about norse mythology. But today I have something to share that is perfect for reading time - especially when the weather gets colder! It's not very hot in Norway right now, so I still get use of them. I saw them on and instantly fell in love! A freaking Pusheen sock in a mug! Can it get any cuter?!

They have different designs available. Links: 1 (mine) - 2 - 3

Even the packaging is super cute!
I was a little hesitant to throw it away, hahah.

Specs and deetz:
Mug - Ceramic, 250 ml capacity, microwave and dishwasher safe
Sock material - 70% cotton, 25% polyamide, 5% polyester / spandex
Sock size - UK 3-7, EU 35.5-40 (fits well on my small feet)

Now for some action shots! Best outfit ever - I actually went out like that.

In my element

I'm really loving these. I love a touch of whimsy in my life, especially when it comes to socks and mugs. It's become my signature, to combine cute kitty stuff with black metal! Gotta love a contrast. The socks are normal thickness, maybe a little longer than most socks (or maybe I just have tiny feet and wear a lot of short socks). The mug is really heavy and sturdy - and since I'm right-handed, I see Pusheen and Stormy every time I take a sip! So lefties will be showing the mug off.

Epic - Just epic.

Thank you so much to Lillemie for sending me these - I will definitely be using them a lot!
If you wanna get your own, now is definitely the right time - Right now they're only $12.80!
PLUS with the code SUMMERPUSH you get an additional 20% off until july 15th!

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