Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Art noob paints a masterpiece

Whoah there, before you compliment me on my masterpiece, let me just tell you that this is actually just a paint by numbers! I have barely touched a paintbrush in my life before, and when I saw this, I thought it would be cool to try out!

Thank you to for sending me this! I guess I'm the perfect person to review this, hahah. I'm not creative, art isn't my thing. So if I can do this, anyone can!

This is what comes with the kit. A linen canvas, a smaller paper version, a photo of the motif, 19 colors, 3 paintbrushes and hooks and screws to hang it up with! Click here to get your own!

So I jumped into this with no idea what to expect. The first few colors it was a little weird. I guess what dragged down then was the fact that this painting is super detailed, so you have to look SUPER closely to find the spots with the number of the color you're using. Often I had to go back in while working with a later color, haha. I just started with the first color and continued. After I while I learned where I needed to be precise, and where I could blend the colors a little more.
I noticed that the lighter and reddish colors were a little harder to work with; The lighter ones had to be laid on thick enough so it covered the numbers and outlines, and the reddish ones became kind of transparent and lost their vibrancy if I dragged them out on bigger spots.
But you get TONS of paint, there was only a couple of colors where I used a lot - Some were barely touched! So you will definitely be able to use the paint for something else later. Maybe you could even paint the little paper version of the painting, haha! Speaking of, that really came in handy. Sometimes I would sit up at night painting, and that leads to sloppy work, so it was good to have that as a reference for spots I had forgotten, make sure I had used the right colors or if I just wasn't sure what that tiny number was.

This was definitely a fun experience! As I progressed, I enjoyed it more and more. It was amazing to see the motif come to life, and that *I* had done it! Also very nice to know how much you've progressed, and it just gets easier and easier to find spots you've missed. At the end I was just painting non-stop, while listening to a swedish paranormal tv show. Hours just flew by! And the proof was obvious progression in the painting, and bodily pain. I would sit in super weird positions (I have Simen as my witness), and clutch the paintbrushes really hard in concentration, haha.

So if you're like me, not very creative and don't know how to paint - or maybe just want something relaxing to do or kill time, you should give this a go! The kit comes with everything you need, so no need to worry about going to a hobby store and trying to figure out what you need.
I have already ordered myself another one, of London Bridge!

They sell 13 different designs, that you can see here! Something for every taste. These paintings are pretty big too, they're 40 cm x 50 cm (16'' x 20''). I also think they would make perfect gifts! Not all of the motifs available are to my taste, but it's fun to do, so maybe I'll do one as a gift for someone sometime!

Remember to use the code SUMMERPUSH (SOMMERPUSH if you're using the norwegian site) to get an additional 20% off your order! The painting kits are currently on sale for only $9,80 so take advantage of it now! Valid until july 15th.

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