Sunday, July 8, 2018

Norse Gods by Johan Egerkrans Review

I first saw this when I was helping out at a bookstore, and fell in love with the cover. It was wrapped in plastic, so I couldn't look inside. I asked for an advance reader copy, and I got one! I have the norwegian translation - there are only a few typos, not too bad.

Sol being chased by Skoll
The moment I got it (and many moments after that) I looked through and fell in love with the beautiful artwork. It's very dark and spooky, so I was a little surprised this was marketed for children. But I don't mind at all! I'm definitely gonna take some inspiration for my next tattoo (of Åsgårdsreien and Frøya)!
Åsgård (and I assume Hugin and Munin)
The written content tells us about how the world was created, the nine worlds, gods, goddesses and all the other creatures in norse mythology. And of course it tells us how the world is gonna end in ragnarok. The back of the book has a list of other books to read on the subject, and a glossary.

It's a very short book, only 159 pages, but the size of the book is pretty huge. I definitely think the main attraction of this book are the illustrations - at least for me! I've never seen artwork like this when it comes to norse mythology, and I love it. So if you like dark art, I definitely recommend this book! It's a great coffee table book, and the classic stories are just a bonus. Like I said, it's marketed to children, but I actually think adults would appreciate the art more - but all ages will definitely cherish the stories!

Click here to buy the english edition (They sadly don't ship worldwide, so please check the ''In English'' page at the bottom of the page to see if they ship to your country)

Angerboda (bringer of sorrow)
Giantess and witch
Mother of Fenris, Jormundgard and Hel

The Naglfar ship


Ægir and Ran

Ragnarok (Loke with his army from Hell)


  1. I love the illustrations.

    My brother got me the other book in the same series by Johan Egerkrans last Christmas. I think it's called Nordiska Väsen in Swedish and I can just stare at the pictures for hours. Will definitely get my hands on Nordiska Gudar when I get the chance =D

    1. Cool! He's coming out with a book called De Udöda soon, can't wait for that!

    2. Yay! It feel like my want-to-read list only gets longer and longer xD

    3. Oh yes, I feel you! Mine is like 500 books long xD

  2. Oh great review...and I have this book, I will read it soon.


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