Friday, July 6, 2018

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman Review

I read an advance reader copy in norwegian - which is pretty fitting, after all!
The last words in the book are ''Åsgård: Home of the æsirs. Kingdom of the gods.'' - and yes, that's my last name, which I find pretty badass.

When this came out I thought this would be similar to American Gods or something, but it wasn't. This is literally just stories from norse mythology written down - and since I read it in norwegian I can't really be sure of how much of Neil Gaiman's writing style shines through. But to me this is just the stories I have grown up with - kind of classic fairytales norwegians kids are told! And at school my last name was definitely pointed out a lot when we heard the tales, haha.

The book contains 15 stories from norse mythology; from before the world was created, to ragnarok. After Neil's introduction there is also a short introduction to Odin, Tor and Loke, and in the back of the book is a little word list of gods, goddesses, places, creatures, items, etc.
It's not a very long book, it's 312 pages, and since the stories are relatively bite-sized, it's pretty easy to get through. I actually think that this would fit well as bedtime stories!

If you are new to norse mythology, or very interested, I would recommend this. If not, it's probably not something you should run out and buy. And like I said, because of the translation I'm not sure if this is a must-have for Neil Gaiman fans - but if you liked American Gods, I'd give this a shot!

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  1. Thanks for the review, I'm a big fan Neil Gaiman but not so much American Gods (probably the only one who doesn't really like it). So I was a bit hesitant about Norse Gods since it sounded so similar but after your review it sounds entirely different to American Gods.

    His way of writing is so beautiful, I've read him in both Swedish and English and actually like both. Either he translates really well or the translators are doing a great job^^

    Your last name is awesome btw!

    1. I get what you mean! It's not usually something I would read, but it was his writing style and the mythology that made me like it. Yeah this is pretty different!
      That's good to know! This is the first time I read something of his in norwegian, so it was a little weird, and I didn't feel his writing style very much.
      Haha, thanks!

  2. I love Norse myths and I am looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for sharing your review.


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