Thursday, September 13, 2018

Everyday life is fine too!

Hey! It's been a while since I did a personal update that wasn't about something special. Festival season is over, so it's back to everyday life for us now. And I'm actually not sad about it! I thought for sure that I'd be miserable being back home after our Prague trip. I'm just appreciating the little things. But okay, one big exciting thing; I got a new job! It happened pretty randomly, and I'm loving it so far - even though I have to get up super early. My body is already accustomed to it.
Anyway, this post is just going to be some snippets from everyday life the past week or two.

Felt great in this outfit!

Did a spontaneous DIY though!
The top above had this V-shaped brawire that I just found annoying. The brawire in the bra I had on that day had somehow bent, so I took out the wire from the top and fixed my bra! But the top was now kind of flopping around, so I decided to add lacing to it, even though it's a superhuge trend now. I used two pieces of a 4-piece snap button kit I had lying around, and then poked holes through afterwards (so I got the right size and it wouldn't fray, hopefully). Pulled some satin ribbon through and cut it, tied it and went over the ends with a lighter so they won't fray. And done!
I have to say I'm pretty proud of my spontaneous creativity. It's not really normal for me!

Micro library at a nearby mall - cute! Sucky books though.

Someone needs to buy this mirror!
We sadly don't have room..

Remember this?
Well, at another store in the same chain I now found...

THIS. Holy shit it's huge! 240 cm (7'10'')!
So this was even a lot bigger than Simen!
The one above was 150 cm (4'11''), so only slightly bigger than me.

You know you're an adult when this is an exciting haul.


Bats?! Instant purchase. Super cute!

Hope everyone reading this are doing well. I feel like I'm kind of neglecting my blog (especially in august), but I don't really want to post unless I have something to write about - and usually I just post about my life and shit, as you do. I'm definitely open to requests from you guys! Whether it be reviews, my opinions about something, tutorials.. whatever! Ask and you shall (probably) receive!

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