Sunday, September 30, 2018

My Living Dead Dolls

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share my Living Dead Dolls with you! They're nicely displayed in our living room, so you probably see them immediately when you enter - I think it's better than our burglar alert! I started collecting them maybe 5 years ago after wanting them for years. But I haven't bought new ones since.. maybe 2015. I do want more (Bride of Valentine plz), but not sure if I have the space! I have the original series 1 and 2, so I'm happy about that, at least! For those who don't know, each series is made once, and then never again. So if you want older series, you need to buy them second hand. I recommend facebook groups for this, as people on Ebay can be selling them for WAY more than they're worth. But sometimes you can find good deals there too! The dolls differ a lot in value, so you'll just have to look around to see what they're going for in different places. Enough rambling from me, let's see them up close!




(Geddit? Hah.)

I lost his cap :(

School Time Sadie
(Discovered now that I lost her little hatchet, noo!)


Deadbra Ann
(Heheh - My humor is awful.)

Lizzie Borden
Love her so much!

Lou Sapphire
(say that fast three times)

Aren't they just adorable?! Ok most people I know disagree - I've even had people tell me they will never visit me after I've shown them pictures of them. Why would I invite you anyway?! They are my adorable little babies, that sometimes are up to mischief when they want mommy's attention. At the last place we lived they're were pretty energetic, I think I remember writing about it here when my blog was pretty new. No matter where I put them in that house, they would fly pretty far from their shelf! Kind of creepy. But all 5(?) other places I've lived with them, nothing. Weird.

Do you collect Living Dead Dolls, just casually have some or are interested in them?
Let me know in the comments! We can gush about them :D


  1. Those are so cool. Thanks for sharing it was. Love them.

  2. I love Living Dead Dolls and have a few but haven't bought any new ones since like...2008 xD

    I'd love to have many more but haven't gotten around. I know really would want to have Maggot, Dahlia, Toxic Molly and The Lost.

    You have Lizzie, I'm so jealous! I have School Time Sadie too, she's my favorite of my tiny collection. The other ones I have are Morgana and Iris from series 13. I thought I still had Jacob from #13 but I actually think my ex stole him...

    Are you planning to get any specific dolls?

    1. I actually traded my black Posie for Lizzie xD Love her so much!
      Hunt him down and get Jacob back!!
      I'm just going to keep going through the series - Just gotta remember to check listings from time to time lol

    2. Sounds like a good trade^^

      I feel like I should...but it's been so long I don't think it matters anymore.

      That's a lot of dolls! I think I'm more of a "getting the ones I truly want"-type of collector. Lazy and scattered xD

    3. Yeah that sucks..
      Haha yeah, I'll probably never finish, but that's okay! I found out that I couldn't really decide, so OCD won xD

  3. I know that feeling xD I try not get too deep into any collector's items since it stresses me out that I will never "finish" and I tend to get too obsessed. But a couple of new dolls would be really nice to have, thanks for reminding me of them =)


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