Monday, September 3, 2018

Prague Day 4

Our fourth day in Prague was pretty much only dedicated to the second day of Prague Gothic Treffen. The day started with an informal picnic in the park. Here's my outfit:

My beloved Pom-Bär!
I got a tattoo of Blobby in the package :D

Mira got this great shot of me - Simen must have said something funny!

Norwegian goth squad! SIMEN LOOKS SO MAD.

One of the event photographers captured this great candid of me!
Contour on point, yo.

Mira <3

After the picnic we went to Bejzment Burgers, across from the PGT venue.
Great and unique burgers, and amazing desserts! Recommended.

Das Ich replaced Welle: Erdball as the headliner.
I was fine with it. They have such an amazing stage show!
Oliver managed to capture this moment of me and Stefan Ackermann.

This is probably the best photo of me ever taken.
Totally captures my true self.

Sorry that my PGT report is a little lacking - I barely took any photos, I was too busy having fun! It's a great festival. It's small, but really cozy. Come back tomorrow for the last day of it plus more!

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