Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Prague Day 5

For once a sunday wasn't boring and uneventful! When we woke up we got ready and went to Vyšehrad, the other castle in Prague. I actually put some clothes on that day! Looksie:


Look at the detail!

You can see this from Prague Castle. And vice versa!

Ate breakfast at a cozy little café.
Simen even got dessert!

Since it was still a little early, we went to Green Devil's Absinthe Bar.
The service was great, and I found myself a lovely couch!

Simen liked the chair xD

The last night was fun! Talked to a bunch of people and danced until the music stopped.
Sad that it's over! We definitely want to come back for it.

Come back tomorrow to see our day trip to Kutná Hora, which means the bone church! :D


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