Sunday, October 21, 2018

The City Smells Like Cat Spit - A Place Both Wonderful And Strange Review

Today I will be reviewing this EP that was sent to me. It's a band and a genre I didn't know about, but ''occult electronic'' seems pretty interesting, so I'm gonna give it a go! Social media links below!

Kristae (The Strawberry Girl)
This song gives a nice eerie atmosphere, and I can immediately say that it fits the genre name. The vocals are really weird, and I guess they're meant to be spooky - I have no idea what is being said, lol. There are some echoing female vocals as well, which I think is a nice touch. A little repetitive despite its short length, but I can totally picture this on a dancefloor. Watch the music video below!

W*tch (Mevius Tour Version)
This song has a completely different vibe, a very calming and flowy one. I really like it! This has female vocals, which sound pretty nice. Pretty cool and different, and it reminds me a little of things like The Birthday Massacre and Switchblade Symphony.

Stone (Version)
This starts off with spoken word, sounds like a quote from a horror movie or something. The music sounds like electronic tribal music. The male and female vocals sounds pretty eerie, and the music gets more industrial-like as it goes on. It also ends with spoken word. Pretty cool mix of elements.

Hex and the City (Resonata Mix)
This also has a calmer vibe, with a very unique electronic sound. Sounds a little eerie, but mostly calm.

This was pretty cool! I have to say I'm not a person who is VERY open to new music genres, but this does share a few elements with industrial and gothic genres, so I guess that's what drew me in. This definitely sounds like what I would imagine occult electronic to sound like! Now I don't know if this is a genre I'm gonna listen a lot to if I find more of it, but it definitely wasn't bad! W*tch was my favorite song from the EP. I would really like to hear more like that from them in the future!
Thanks to New Dark Ages PR for sending me this, and if you want to check out A Place Both Wonderful And Strange for yourselves, click the links below!


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