Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Crossdressing as Aurelio Voltaire & other Oslo shenanigans

Heyhey! Wanted to share what I did this weekend with you guys. My friend Marthe had a halloween party, so I flew over to finally meet her for the first time! Her house was already full of people from different countries when I arrived, which was really cool! One of them was a piercer, so as Marthe captioned this photo on Instagram: Some people have Tupperware parties, and some have piercing parties!
Got a second ring in my right lobe.
Sunday I got my left eyebrow pierced.
I'll probably post good photos of them later!

Found myself at the toy store!

Then it was time to get ready for the party.
A friend gave me a binder, and it worked wonders!

Everyone getting ready

And here is my costume!
I think it went really well!

I've never drawn on a beard (or chesthair) before xD

And Captain Morgan to boot!

A wild demon Marthe!

She's wearing tall shoes, I'm not THAT small LOL

Those two were fighting all night LOL

Marthe has chickens, so I got myself a parrot!

So that was a little recap of my weekend! Mostly wanted to show you my epic costume.
I absolutely loved it, what do you think?


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