Saturday, November 24, 2018

Obscura Undead Website Launch!

I'm happy to announce that I've teamed up with some friends to launch the new website Obscura Undead! It's a website that will feature new and obscure post-punk, darkwave, goth and other genres. There will be tons of music reviews, news about upcoming and new releases, interviews and lifestyle posts! In the goth scene the same old music tends to be played over and over again. While we love that music, we are passionate about finding and promoting new great bands in the scene.

So if you're interested in finding new dark music to listen to, please check us out!
The team consists of myself, DJ Azy, DJ Maus, Christopher Risano, DJ Veine, Chandler Crenladh, DJ Seraph and Jason Seibert. Four of them are based in Tampa, Florida, so they also organize events!

Check out our facebook page for news, and our facebook group for discussions!

There might be a chance I'll be posting less here, since I'll be posting on Obscura Undead at least once a week. There isn't that much happening in my life right now anyway. But if you want me to review music that isn't new (hell, even 70's is cool with me), let me know! I love talking about music, even the old stuff. I just don't know what to post about on here! Reviews of good books I'll post whenever I finish reading them, and of course regular life posts will come when I have something to talk about, haha. As for other ideas, I want to do a little norwegian crash course just for fun! If there's anything you want to learn, comment below! Next month there will also probably be a year in review post, I'm thinking maybe one for my life, and one for music maybe. If you have any requests for posts, just drop me a line anywhere! See you next time, or on Obscura Undead!


  1. It figures that as soon as I discover your blog that you would post less. Just my luck, I guess. I do understand though. I also have a blog. For awhile, I posted just about every week. Like you, I ran out of things to talk about. It just happens, and some of the other blogs I used to follow have done the same.

    Your new project sounds exciting. I'm sure that I will check out your new website from time to time. I am, after all, always looking for new music. Best wishes to you for your new project!

    1. Aww! I will post as much as I can, but I rather want quality than quantity. My life isn't really that interesting, on weekdays I work, and weekends I relax. But if I do something fun I will post about that. I am definitely open to all kinds of requests though!
      Thank you! :D


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