Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Listen by Liya Review

Today I will be reviewing the new EP from darkwave / synthpop / electronic artist Liya! She's from Tel-Aviv, Israel - I think it's really cool that this kind of music comes from there! Let's jump into it!

A sampler of the songs on the EP!

The EP starts off with Holding On, with a great atmosphere with a good beat, dancy synth and then Liya's beautiful voice. The chorus gives a more pop vibe, but still keeps that dark dance atmosphere. She's pretty much a poppier Birthday Massacre! I could easily see this becoming a hit with the catchy chorus! Might be listening to this on repeat for a while, haha.

The next song No Meaning is definitely darker, and immediately reminds me of The Birthday Massacre! Same with Always About You. The chorus of it gives me chills! I love her voice. The ending of it is really cool too.

Then we have the title track Listen. It's super unique, starts off with a more industrial sound and trickling water, then the beat changes and gives more of an EBM vibe. Really cool for a woman to make this kind of music! The industrial and EBM scenes are way too male dominated, and even sexist and misogynistic at times. We need more artists like this!

Click here for all the places you can listen to and buy the EP.
You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

If you want to check out more new and obscure dark music, check out Obscura Undead, where I also do reviews! If you have any requests for albums to review (new or old), I'd be happy to hear them!

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