Tuesday, February 26, 2019


So me and other people from the Gothy Discord have been using this hashtag Aytakk came up with (he also came up with #toiletgoth), and it seems to have been causing some ruckus on the internet. I didn't think that I would need to explain the meaning of the hashtag in detail, but here we go.

There are a lot of problems with Killstar and Dollskill, but I'm not gonna bother to go into those. Cause the main problem is the marketing, and that brands like this have completely taken over goth on the internet. This makes people think that goth is about overpriced clothing, and nothing else. I've personally seen and talked to SO many people who say they ''can't afford to be goth'' because they think the expensive brand clothes are a requirement for being goth. THIS IS WRONG.

If you are ONLY wearing goff brand clothing and not participating in the scene in any way (and by that I mainly mean listening to the music), you are literally a poseur. Yup, I said it. That word comes from when some people would pose for photos when random people asked them to. Now I wasn't there, so I don't know if they were ONLY in it for the fashion, but this nevertheless left a bad taste in the mouth of the other people in the scene, probably because it leaves the impression that it's just a fashion thing. Killstar (or any other brand) doesn't make you a goth, like putting on a chef's uniform doesn't make you a chef, or a full outfit of Adidas doesn't make you an athlete.

THAT is what the hashtag means. But, I apparently also have to explain what it DOESN'T mean! Yes, you CAN wear goth brands if you want to. You can spend your money however you want, and wear whatever you want. That's not what we're saying here. Goth doesn't have a uniform. We celebrate creativity, and goths have been thrifting and DIY-ing since before it was even called goth. Remember our roots! It came out of punk, those kids didn't have a lot of money, but they still formed the look we associate with goth today. And sidenote, goth doesn't ''own'' black clothes, eyeliner, fishnets, bondage gear, big hair, leather, pointy shoes, boots or anything else. Goth has borrowed a lot from trends and other subcultures. Anyone can wear those things, but that doesn't mean they're a goth. I've seen several ''normal'' people wear shoes that look a lot like winklepickers around lately. Pretty much everyone has black clothes - and every person who wears make-up probably owns black eyeliner. So no article of clothing (or amount of it) can make you a goth.

Aytakk made one specifically for this!
And he's the one who made it up, listen to him!
This isn't shitting on babybats and newcomers to the scene - in fact, quite the opposite. We're trying to help them out by informing them that goth isn't about expensive clothes and an extravagant look. You can be goth without even looking like it. If you want to, awesome, but if you can't, that doesn't mean you're not good enough (I've literally seen people say they think they aren't because of that). When I was younger, I definitely bought from alternative brands, cause I didn't know any other way to look cool. I still have and wear those things, but in recent years I've learned to DIY and I've pretty much only bought stuff at thrift stores and sales - mostly at H&M, but goth brands too.

I'm not sure why people have been shouting elitist gatekeeper at this. Nobody is saying you CAN'T wear Killstar or any other brand. It doesn't make you ''less of a goth'' either (nothing does - unless you're not a fan of goth music of course). We're not telling people what to do with their lives. The hashtag is just meant to be what it literally says; ''Goth is not Killstar'' - cause it isn't. Not ''Killstar makes you ungoth'' or anything else.

If you have any questions, concerns or anything, comment below!
For further reading, check out Aytakk's newest article on The Belfry!
Also check out Kelly's video on the topic!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Custom Made Harness & Belt From Studio 777!

Hey! I'm super excited to show you these new pieces my friend Jez made for me! I've kind of wanted a belt and a harness like this for a good while, but I hesitated cause EVERYONE has one - and if I were to buy one off the rack they would never fit tiny me. I guess I mentioned this on Discord, and Jez offered to make me some! And even though she lives in another country, she still managed to make them fit with her fairy gothmother magic, hahaha. Enough talk, let me show you!

Super badass.

Belt worn at the hips

Had to fiddle a little with the adjustments, once I found the right ones it looks great! I gave her tons of measurements, but it's still hard to make chain droop without the model!

Picked out the specific arrangements for the chains.
I specified the max length so I wouldn't sit on them, in case they would get caught.

Belt on it's smallest setting, 50 cm (less than 20'')

I wanted to be able to wear the belt two places, and she actually managed to fulfill my request! The skirt is a little in the way for the chains here.

How they arrived, super cute!

She even put tags in them, which I found a really cool detail!

Needless to say, I'm super happy with them. They will definitely be used a lot in my outfits! They're perfect for jazzing up a simple outfit like what I am wearing today. I suck at accessorizing, I just never really think about how I can jazz up what I wear. I don't know if it's because my accessories aren't in plain sight, or I just forget cause I'm happy with whatever I throw on. But these pieces will really help! I will probably wear them to death at almost every event this year. I think they will last a long time though! The leather the belt is made out of is hardcore, but the harness is a softer leather (but still feels really stiff, especially around my neck now that it's new). The hardwear feels great! The chains aren't like industrial grade, but I don't think that's necessary here - Especially for the harness, that's pretty heavy already!

Yesterday's outfit with a heavy duty wallet chain I attached to my skirt
Jewelry - Darkling Beloved
Wallet chain - Metal Shop Prague
Vest - Thrifted
Fishnet top, bandeau top and skirt are from EMP.
The latter I got at the Leipzig outlet for only €5!

Anyway, check out Studio777's Etsy, Facebook and Instagram! If you have an idea for something, don't hesitate to contact her and see what she can do for you! Her service is great, and she will go a long way to make sure that you are 100% happy by asking a lot of questions and giving a lot of suggestions and options. I just gave her a couple of inspiration photos, and she took those and made me something similar, and didn't copy them! They might look similar to other pieces like this, but if you look close, they're different, which is pretty important to me! As well as the fact that they actually fit. It's so cool that I can wear the belt in two places, cause it's even rare that I can find a belt that is small enough for my hips. So again, thank you so much, Jez! Can't wait to see you again at WGT! :D 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Last American Vampire by Seth Grahame-Smith Review

I really liked Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, so when I found out about this, I put it on my want-to-read list! My awesome brother-in-law got it for me for Yule.

I didn't expect to love this book as much as I did, since I felt Abraham was the reason I loved the last book. But if you love vampires and history, you'll love this. This book is kind of written like Interview With The Vampire (it's even mentioned); it's Henry telling Seth Grahame-Smith his life story. It changes between regular third person narration, and Henry's own thoughts - They are clearly separated, so you won't get confused. Henry was born in 1583, so there's A LOT to cover in just under 400 pages, which Grahame-Smith somehow manages to do. Of course he skips some parts here and there, and everything that happened before the last book are flashbacks.

The story starts properly shortly after Abraham Lincoln's death. Henry is sent to Europe by the Union to hunt down a murderer called A. Grander VIII. He goes back to his birth city; London - where he meets Henry Irving, Bram Stoker, Arthur Conan Doyle.. and Jack The Ripper. Not gonna tell you his identity though!  After the head of the Union is killed, Henry goes back to America, and gets a body guard. While he's out with him, he meets Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain. They become friends too, and later as Henry starts to work for more presidents Tesla goes with him to Russia on a mission. It's hard to recap everything in this book, but we see the world wars, other historical events in America in more recent times AND the time of the first English settlers. Henry was there for all of it! It was really interesting to see how Grahame-Smith again twisted history with vampire fiction.

If you liked the first book, Interview With The Vampire and Anno Dracula, you'll love this! I recommend all of these. I also watched the movie adaption of the first book again while I was reading this. I will always be a SUCKER for vampires ;) Now, off to read Dracula - AGAIN!

Buy the book here! Click here to buy Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Click here to read my review of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, also by Seth Grahame-Smith!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Festivals & concerts I look forward to in 2019

This is looking to be a great year for (goth) concerts already! I might be going to more shows this year, but that will probably be local shows - unless another REALLY good thing pops up. Let's have a look at how the concert year of 2019 (so far) will be for me!

Wave Gotik Treffen - Leipzig, Germany
This one doesn't come off as a surprise to anyone, does it? This year will be my 7th WGT. We have our accommodation (which we'll be sharing with Jossie) and trip booked, so we're pretty much all set! Getting very excited already. The band announcements started even earlier this time. So far my must see bands are Cradle Of Filth, Nitzer Ebb and Sad Lovers & Giants. Can't wait to see all my online friends, there will be a lot of people I will be meeting for the first time this year! :D
If you're new to WGT, check out my WGT guide, which has been updated recently!

The Cure @ Øyafestivalen - Oslo, Norway
I was at my parents' house when my sister found out they were announced for Øyafestivalen, a festival I've never really wanted to go to - No wait! Mayhem played there on my birthday in.. 2014? But I moved to the US in july that year. This time The Cure are headlining august 7th - the day before my 25th birthday. I guess that's a good way to start off the celebration! I HAD to get a ticket right away, I had no idea if it would get sold out quickly or not, but it still isn't! This will apparently be their biggest show in Norway ever, which makes me feel better for missing them in the past.

M'era Luna Festival - Hildesheim, Germany
Right after seeing The Cure in Oslo I'll be flying off to Germany again, to attend my first M'era Luna festival! My friend Attic Ghost is kindly letting us stay at his place, which actually was the main factor for us going, haha. M'era Luna doesn't really seem that appealing to me, but I'm willing to give it a try. Fields Of The Nephilim and VNV Nation are playing, the rest I'm not super excited about or / and seen them before.
But I think it'll be fun to meet people, and celebrate my birthday!

The Sisters Of Mercy @ Rockefeller - Oslo, Norway
In september I'll be flying to Oslo again to see *gasp* The Sisters Of Mercy! I haven't heard many good things (who is even in the band nowadays anyway?), but I want to see them at least once, just to have done it. I love Sisters, despite Eldritch being kind of a joke in the goth community. They're playing a relatively small venue, and I see the facebook event already has more people interested than it can fill - There are still tickets though! But since I saw the interest on facebook I sat in front of my computer waiting for the tickets to launch - and I found out Simen's brother was doing the same, haha! I think it'll be super fun, despite all the things I've heard!
Facebook event - Website (It looks awful, I know)

So those are the ones I'm planning to go to so far this year! Last year I checked out Subkult and Prague Gothic Treffen, but I highly doubt we'll make it there this year. We'd love to go back to both of those, though! But I think these four are pretty good, I'm satisfied with that! BRING ON SUMMER.

What festivals and shows are you going to this year?
If we're going to the same ones, hit me up so we can meet! :D

Thursday, February 7, 2019

ABCs Of Goth

I saw some posts on facebook where people were doing this kind of thing, so I thought I would do one too, it seems like a good challenge! Let's see if I can manage to list a goth band for every letter in the (english) alphabet.

Chameleons Vox @ WGT 2018
Ash Code
Bolshoi (,The)
Chameleons (,The)
Death Cult
Echo & The Bunnymen
Flesh For Lulu
Gene Loves Jezebel
Inkubus Sukkubus
Jesus & Mary Chain (,The)
Kommunity FK
Love & Rockets
Mission (,The)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Psychedelic Furs (,The)
Sad Lovers & Giants
Tones On Tail
Virgin Prunes
XII. Století
Years On Earth
Zero Le Creche

Yay, I did it! Obviously didn't manage to keep it stricly goth rock, but close enough! I had to cheat with ONE - I found Quasimodo through Alex Malkavian's ''Every Goth Band Ever'' list. But I think I did pretty good! I tried not to mention the super big obvious ones, that would have been too easy! Maybe there are some bands on here you didn't know? Feel free to do one of these yourself, and let me know if you do!
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