Tuesday, April 2, 2019

I proposed to my boyfriend using Star Wars

Spoiler alert: He said yes

I guess a lot of people know already that Simen and I are now engaged! I proposed on our anniversary, so I thought I'd share the story of how I did it.

Originally we had agreed that he would propose since I ''made all the moves'' at the start of our relationship. But on new year's eve while we were at separate parties we kinda joked about it, and then I thought; Hey, why shouldn't I do it? It IS very me / us, after all. We're not really romantic people though - especially not me!

So after freaking out a bit (AM I REALLY DOING THIS? HOW DOES ONE DO THIS?!) and talking to people, I went on Etsy, and I found a Star Wars fidget spinner ring. He likes Star Wars (though I had never watched any of it), and he fidgets a lot, so I thought it was pretty good! I asked my friend Benedikt JOKINGLY if there was a romantic moment in Star Wars. He showed me this:

I thought it was hilarious and ridiculous. Then I thought; OMG, that might actually work! And I didn't come up with anything better, so I went with it. I decided to do it on our anniversary (march 21st), since any other day might make him suspicious.

I ordered a ring size kit and measured him in his sleep, then ordered the ring. I also borrowed Empire Strikes Back on DVD, but didn't tell him that until a few days before our anniversary. In advance I had said we didn't need to do anything special, we could just stay at home and watch a movie. But to distract him, I offered to make dinner, since he usually makes the food, cause I absolutely hate cooking. It worked! No suspicions at all, not even when I brought home the DVD, just ''You wanna start in the middle?'' - I just said I heard this one was the best and where ''all the good stuff happens''.

Here's how it actually went down! I made dinner, and after we ate we put on the movie. The whole movie he was trying to tell me backstory and stuff, and I barely understood anything, hahah. I had watched the scenes leading up to THE scene shortly before, so I knew when it was coming. He said ''Coming up is a really famous scene, and the line wasn't in the script'' - Me: ''Oh really?''. When we actually got there, I paused the movie, and I said ''I love you'' - we laughed when he refused to say ''I know''. I said ''Seriously though'' - and my mind went blank. I hadn't prepared anything to say, cause I KNEW I would get so nervous that I couldn't stick to it. So when I realized I wasn't going to be able to say anything lovey-dovey, and he was confused cause the movie was still paused, I said ''I guess what I'm trying to say is...'', knelt down and pulled the ring box out of my purse, ''...will you marry me?'' -''Is this real?'' - ''YES.'', and there was a lot of laughing, and he said yes. I was SO relieved! There wasn't really any doubt he would say no, but I'm just not good at being romantic. But I'm still proud of myself for coming up with this plan.

So there you have it! Thought it would be fun to share not your typical proposal story. I read that only 5% of women propose, which is WAY too low. Plus proposing with help from Star Wars is SO not normal! Also I want to thank Infinite Jewelry CA for their impeccable and quick service! Their shipping was super fast (even to Norway), and when we discovered the ring was half a size too small, they shipped out a new one the next day! They are super nice, so I definitely recommend them for unique, masculine and geeky rings.

Lastly I also want to thank everyone who might be reading this who has been bearing with me in the time before the proposal. I am SO impatient, and it was SO hard to hide things and even lie to Simen. I also didn't tell my mom, cause she would probably have spoiled it, hahaha. Her reaction to the news when we called was priceless! We've gotten to much love from people, and it's really nice to know that people are excited for us. Don't know how much of the planning I'll post about here though. I think I'll be too busy hanging out on Offbeat Bride, haha! I definitely recommend that site for inspiration and advice for weddings for us who aren't... ''normal''. Also sorry for not having blogged for a month, but as you probably can tell, I've had other stuff on my mind! Hopefully I'll be back on here soon, if not on Obscura Undead! But I'm mainly active on Instagram nowadays. I've also been posting more on my Facebook page, so follow me there for updates and other fun stuff I share!

Recent-ish photo, cause we never take photos LOL


  1. That is cool. Congrats. A perfect way to it.

  2. You say that you're not very romantic, but I think this story is very romantic, and if I may say so, he's a very lucky man. Congratulations to you both!

    1. Thank you! I tried, and I think I did pretty well! I'm a person who appreciates the little things, like him doing the laundry, or the time he said he always gives me the ''prettiest'' plate of food, or surprises me with snacks, candy or stuff like that. I'm not into PDA (that includes social media too) or lovey-dovey stuff. I'm a simple girl!

  3. Congratulations! It sounds like such a perfect way to propose, personal and thoughtful.


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