Sunday, June 30, 2019

Children's book about Wave Gotik Treffen!

As probably everyone who reads my blog knows, Wave Gotik Treffen is probably the biggest goth festival in the world. It's been going on for almost 30 years now, so it's no surprise that most of the attendants have children. Christian Schaefer is one of them, and had the idea of making a children's book about WGT!

I think it's a great idea. Children who grow up with ''spooky people'' as parents or figures in their life would never think we are scary or mean. Children who don't will most likely be taught negative and false things about us. A book like this could show both children and adults that there is nothing to be afraid of, we are people just like everyone else, we just have some different interests.

Wave Gotik Treffen is the perfect setting! When I first started going at 18, it was like finally finding ''home'' - where I belong. Everyone is so nice, and best of all, the city of Leipzig welcomes us with open arms. During the day there are kid-friendly events, and there's even a kindergarden at the main festival area!

So this book will showcase this, in the form of those thick cardboard picture books we all had as kids. Christian has teamed up with Jan-Erik Mendel, AKA Gotikatur, who is also a father, to draw the scenes as well as REAL people into the book. This means anyone who wants to can be in the book! I have already secured myself a spot in the book, so that's pretty exciting!

Click here to support the kickstarter and read all the information about it! It was actually funded in 3 days, just by us who had signed up to the newsletter. Now it's released to the public, and they've already gotten enough money to put in two new scenes; the Heidnisches Dorf and the Victorian picnic! At the next goal the Steampunk picnic will be added, and there are also four more scenes that can be added provided they raise enough money. So the book will be a reality, now it's just a question of how thick it will be! And for each scene more people can get drawn in! For each person you also get a child drawn for free, so if you have children, or maybe even nieses, nephews, fairy gothchildren, they can be in the book too!

I'm super excited about this! The kickstarter will be open until August 17, so I have until the end of M'era Luna to get a good photo of myself to become immortalized, haha! If you don't want to be in the book, but still want your own Gotikatur, contact him, and he will hook you up! I will put all the links you could possibly need below!

Wir Kellerkinder


Sunday, June 23, 2019

Dracul by Dacre Stoker Review

If you love Dracula, you'll love this book too! It's a fictional account based on Bram Stoker's life, notes and of course, Dracula. The story does remind me a lot of the plot of Dracula, just in modernized words and with more added to it so it's refreshing and thrilling to read. It was so hard to put this down! Luckily it's divided into parts so I could stop myself there.

Between chapters we switch between Bram's early life, growing up and the events leading up to the climax of the book, and a ''now'' from Bram's point of view (but written in third person), which is pretty scary, but as you get closer to the climax, you understand more of what is happening. Towards the end we catch up to the ''now''. Like Dracula, a lot of this book consists of diary entries, letters, etc.

I don't wanna give too much away, but like I said; if you are a big fan of Dracula, I definitely recommend this. There are similarities, but it's also much easier to read, and I found it really exciting. I have read Dracula SO many times in my life, so it's not really scary or thrilling to me anymore, so it was nice to read this! Great job Dacre Stoker and J.D. Barker. I definitely want to check out the other books Dacre Stoker has published!

Click here to buy the same edition as I have, but they have others on there too!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Coming Down Fast

Click for WGT part 1, part 2, part 3 and my facebook album with all the photos I took!

Chain belt sisters with Jossie!
While most people fuck off immediately after the festival, some of us stay! Like last year, Gwen and Seb hosted their WGT survivor party in their garden. Really cozy and relaxed gathering! Delicious food on the grill and drinks cooled down in a doggie pool.

Me and Benedikt looking badass in the heat

So the day before it stormed really bad, luckily I was inside Haus Leipzig the whole time, so I didn't even notice. Jossie had to seek shelter inside the Agra hall. This evening it happened again, and we were all huddling under the party tents, and still got pretty wet. Sadly we heard when we landed back home that the tent didn't survive. It was still pretty fun though! The smart people went home a little after the first wave ended, but us remaining people were hit with another wave. I have never seen lightning and thunder this bad before! It was really fascinating, but kind of scary. There were also a couple of bats flying around, which was really cool.
Goodbye selfie with Benedikt
Awesome WGT balloons!

I am smol.
We brought Jossie on to continue our tradition with the mac & cheese pizza at Pizza Hut! We also had super cheap (and good) cocktails while waiting! She loved it. Most people think it sounds weird, haha. But it's delicious, we swear!

Afterwards we went to the cat café, which was pretty close to our AirBnB! We got there an our before closing, so luckily we got some time with the cutie pies there. Definitely want to go again!

I don't know HOW we got an amazing photo of us at freaking 7 in the morning. Simen is usually pretty awkward in photos. But I guess staying a little longer gave us some time to relax! I slept fully from Tuesday to Wednesday, but to Thursday I only slept one hour, blergh.

On the way to the airport, we had a bunch of smaller delays and cancellations. Luckily we made it to before the original check-in time. But I heard from friends who were taking the same flight (but had spent the days after WGT in Berlin), that the luggage carousel had stopped working, which made the line super long. We were far behind in the line when our plane was supposed to leave. 2 hours after we got there, we were finally on the plane.

Our luggage made it!

So tired
Creux Lies and Bragolin helping me with my WGT blues! When we got home we discovered the storm had hit us too - Our power was off. Which meant our fridge and freezer had gone room temperature, the latter was full of water, and we had to throw out all the food. Not what I wanted to deal with when we got home! So we dealt with that, and I went to bed.

Somebody put this sticker on our mailbox. Fixed it to say Moritzbastei instead! For those who don't know, that's a club in Leipzig, where I spend most late nights during WGT.

I know this is getting long, but I'll add one last thing! The day after we got home was the last goth club night before fall. We ended up being at least 10 goths, so it has been the most succesful one yet! We outnumbered the normies, hahah. So now the only thing happening here is my monthly meetup - the next one will be on the 25th. So I hope you've enjoyed these posts! If you wanna come next year, read my guide!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Wave Gotik Treffen 2019 Part 3

Click for part 1, part 2, and my public facebook album with all the photos I took!

Last official day of the festival! We started it off by going to the Spontis Family Treffen. For those who don't know, Spontis is a great blog about the goth scene, both then and now. It's in German, but you can probably get the gist of it using Google Translate.

Daniel joined us in the circle of pikes!
Oh, forgot to show you my swag! CD's I bought, free bits and bobs and the Spontis magazine (tote bag not pictured). Have to figure out where to put all this stuff! I gave a couple of buttons to Simen so he could decorate one of the bags he bought.

Later we went to Haus Leipzig, to see all the bands playing there that day. Geometric Vision started off the shows, and I was dancing the entirety of every single show that day! Stay tuned to the end to see how my foot looked at the end, hahaha.

A Slice Of Life! They said this was their first show outside of Belgium, which is crazy! They're really good, you should definitely check them out. After them Human Tetris played, which were much better than I expected! I guess they were the only ones I wasn't SUPER excited about, but I really enjoyed it. And after that was The Foreign Resort, which were also pretty good!

Managed to get a group photo with the Cemetery Confessions / Gothy Discord peeps! Sadly this wasn't everyone, but I guess the best we could do!

Managed to get on the front row for the final show; Sad Lovers & Giants! Wow, that was so fun. They make me so happy! And that sax, man. They played two encores, so I was in ecstasy by the time they ended. After sitting down on a couch for a little while (that felt SO GOOD), me and Simen walked over to Moritzbastei to party until the end.

You will always be tall to me, Andi <3
This is Tim. He liked my shirt.
Jossie holding Daniel at about 8 AM when the music stopped. Got pretty drunk and danced the last hours. We made it! But before we went home we had to finish WGT off properly for Daniel.

Taken by Simen
We left him in Leipzig forever... <3

 Ok if you hate feet, don't scroll further!
Sorry for the long nails, forgot to cut them (I can't see that far without glasses, ok). But this is what my foot looked like when I took off my pikes Tuesday morning. I hadn't even noticed I was fucking bleeding! Luckily I had noticed my middle toe hurt and put a Compeed on it before I got a blister. Gosh, my poor feet. The ''Treffen foot'' is real!

But wait! I'm not done with my posts yet! Click here for our last days in Leipzig, stressful trip home our local goth night and more!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wave Gotik Treffen 2019 Part 2

For part 1, click here! For my facebook album with all the photos I took, click here!

Outfit for Sunday with a pop of color!

Coffin cakes at Lukas bakery!

With ''The Count'' and Jez outside Volkspalast

Okay so I probably need to explain this. So Daniel isn't able to come to WGT yet, so Jez printed out some photos of him to take with us around the festival! She gave me a copy on Sunday, and I ran with it. He ended up pretty battered in the end, and we left him in Leipzig forever. We sent him all the photos, and it made him so happy! So this was a really great idea and really fun to do.

Ok, on to the day's shows! It started off with Creux Lies, which were SO amazing and fun. Then immediately in the next room Bragolin, which was good but SUPER hot and stuffy. I bought their CDs, and already spinning them to death! Then it was Vowws, which was more calm, but nice. It was also super hard to see from where we were sitting cause the stage was so dark! Afterwards Cold Showers played, but I didn't see their entire show. Danced a little though! And then finally for me In2TheSound, which was pretty cool. Never thought I'd hear their songs live!

Then I left to go to Agra - Simen had left a little earlier to drop by at the AirBnb and then see Solar Fake. When I got there I met Wednesday, and we got some photos together! We had met briefly last year too. She's coming to M'era Luna too, so hopefully we get to spend some more time together! Cause sadly at WGT there's so little time, and most of the time your friends have different priorities / stamina than you.

Met these lovely girls while I was getting a bite to eat before London After Midnight! I just randomly asked if they had heard of Cemetery Confessions and if they wanted to take a photo with The Count, hahah. 

Solar Fake (taken by Simen)

London After Midnight! Wow. It was so cool to actually see them. They were having some technical difficulties, but that didn't ruin it for me. I still thought it was great, also despite it being excruciatingly hot in there. After the show I managed to find a lot of people again, cause I had lost everyone during the show, cause people were letting tiny me go in front of them.

Pokemon (hair) evolution with Parma Ham and Freyja, hahaha
Hands down the best Daniel photo we got, hahaha
The classic photo - ruined by me and Parma Ham

Wow, Sunday became really long, so I'll just leave you with this photo of Daniel and alcohol at Moritzbastei. We partied until 6 AM! Click here for part 3!
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