Sunday, June 23, 2019

Dracul by Dacre Stoker Review

If you love Dracula, you'll love this book too! It's a fictional account based on Bram Stoker's life, notes and of course, Dracula. The story does remind me a lot of the plot of Dracula, just in modernized words and with more added to it so it's refreshing and thrilling to read. It was so hard to put this down! Luckily it's divided into parts so I could stop myself there.

Between chapters we switch between Bram's early life, growing up and the events leading up to the climax of the book, and a ''now'' from Bram's point of view (but written in third person), which is pretty scary, but as you get closer to the climax, you understand more of what is happening. Towards the end we catch up to the ''now''. Like Dracula, a lot of this book consists of diary entries, letters, etc.

I don't wanna give too much away, but like I said; if you are a big fan of Dracula, I definitely recommend this. There are similarities, but it's also much easier to read, and I found it really exciting. I have read Dracula SO many times in my life, so it's not really scary or thrilling to me anymore, so it was nice to read this! Great job Dacre Stoker and J.D. Barker. I definitely want to check out the other books Dacre Stoker has published!

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  1. The book sounds interesting. I wonder if Dacre Stoker is a descendant of Bram. That's intriguing in and of itself. Thank you for the book review Carolyn!


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