Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Thrifting Adventures!

Didn't think there would be another post on here before WGT, but I went thrifting with my friend Ophelia Kreka today, and wanted to show you what I got - plus a very old-looking wedding dress I tried on!

We hit up three salvation army thrift stores in our city, which is the main thrift store we have here in Norway. At the first place, I bought my very first cardigan! I know, weird, but I suck at layering, haha. Ophelia's style involves a lot of cardigans, and it looks really cool, so I guess I got inspired!

At the second place, I found another cute cardigan-thingy! A shorter one with bell sleeves(?) at the elbows - and cut open, so it's not like other tops where they just slide down, they stay there!

They had a few wedding dresses for sale, and one of them was this dress that looked like it was from the early 1900s. Super modest, it looked a little weird with that extra fabric around the neck / chest / back. It actually wasn't very big on me, the arms were the perfect length! But it didn't suit me at all, hahaha. So sadly I didn't find my wedding dress for €50.

Look at this! This is actually a CD rack! It looked really old, but super cool - and it was only €10! But how the hell was I supposed to get that home. So I just took a photo for the memory.

You know me, I love to read, so I hit up the small English book section, and found The Vampire Lestat and The Queen Of The Damned by Anne Rice, as well as The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.

Then we headed out of town to another place! We didn't find any clothes there, BUT I found all of these matching Harry Hole books by Jo Nesbø IN ORDER! I have the first and the second book that match these, and have been looking for the next one for over a year, but never found it! Plus the SIX next ones! I hesitated a little bit, but I got them all for like €35, so a lot of bang for my buck.

My to-be-read pile has been diminishing, and now it's so high it's swaying! Lately I've been reading the entire The Little Vampire series. First the first book in German, then I found 2-12 in Norwegian on the national library's website, and now I'm reading the 13th in German online. Thought it was the perfect time to brush up on my German! We'll be flying on Thursday morning, and staying a week.

I'll be back next weekend, with one post every day to cover WGT! See you then!


  1. Awesome finds! I want a wedding dress to dip-dye red at the edges.

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