Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Wave Gotik Treffen 2019 Part 1

If you want to see all the photos I took, go here. These posts will also contain photos taken by others, plus of course telling you stuff the photos don't!

We arrived in Leipzig a little later than expected on Thursday (06.06.). We met Jossie outside our AirBnB, which was so great! We've known each other for around 3 years, and this was the first time we met in person. So why not share a room? We talked while getting ready, and then split up for pre-parties.
Here is my outfit, by the way! Almost forgot to take a photo. Me and Simen went to some friends' house for a smaller pre-party. It was so nice to see people again! 

With Oliver AKA DJ Cyberpagan of Death-Rock.DE
Around midnight or so we headed to Moritzbastei, which I had missed so much - like every year! But wasn't even able to go in, cause outside I met almost the entire Obscura Undead crew, Benedikt, Truls and more! So we just sat there until about 02:00. Didn't want to party hard on the first night.

Not wearing black!!!
With the gorgeous Melyna!

Friday, the first official day of the festival we went to the Victorian picnic. Hung out with Ragnhild and Benedikt, we strolled around a couple of times, but also sat down under a parasol, cause it was really hot! I think we stayed for 1,5-2 hours before we headed to Stadtbad to see all the bands there.

I saw Pleasure Symbols, Void Vision, Automelodi, Tempers and Hante. Such a great line-up! The only one I wasn't super excited about is Automelodi, but I'm literally listening to them right now, they're pretty fun. Pleasure Symbols were nice, their music is pretty chill, so a good start to the festival. When Void Vision came on stage, I had no idea it was just one woman! She still entertained very well, especially when drinking from a water bottle and saying ''this is not water'', hahaha. 
Automelodi sounded way more dancy on stage, cause the main thing you could hear was BOOM BOOM BOOM. Tempers didn't do much on stage, but it was still nice to hear and see them. Their voices combined are so beautiful!

Then we have Hante. I saw her at Subkult last year, I only listened to a couple of songs before we left, and I've loved her more and more since then, so I definitely didn't mind seeing her again now that I know the songs - Plus she came out with a new album earlier this year! I danced pretty much the entire show, it was awesome. Forgot to mention I also met Andi, DJ Maus, DJ Seraph and Malkavian. But the day isn't over yet! Simen had gone off to shop at Agra after Pleasure Symbols, so I headed there, and we watched White Lies together. Simen was the one who showed me them, so that was nice to experience together! We headed to Moritzbastei after, but there were so few people that we headed home at 4 AM.

Daytime outfit for Saturday
Saturday we went shopping a little bit. We visited Jossie who was vending at Petersbogen before we went to Agra. Met a couple of people there too! Then we headed over to Volkspalast to get ready for the fetish party.

Only bought some pins from Gothicat this year (Einstürzende Neubauten, The Sisters Of Mercy and Bauhaus - The Joy Division one is also from them). Simen bought a Joy Division zippo lighter! NEXT PHOTO IS NSFW, BY THE WAY.

As usual I was go-go dancing at Obession Bizarr. It was super fun! Lots of cool people, and the Kantine played great music. I danced pretty much non-stop for hours (in 6'' platform boots), so I was pretty tired by 3 AM. We didn't leave until 6 AM though!

Check out part 2 here, which is only about Sunday!

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