Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Cure by The Cure Review

This album was produced by Ross Robinson, who has worked with Slipknot, Korn and Limp Bizkit, so you can definitely hear that the sound on this album leans more toward those types of sounds. The art you see is drawings made by Robert Smith's nieces and nephews, but you might have guessed that already.

While this is a relatively calm song, it's kind of heavy. It reminds me a little of Nine Inch Nails. I love the raw emotion in Robert's voice. It isn't love when you lose yourself when you're with them!

The vibe of the last song flows nicely into this one. Though this one sounds more like The Cure, except the effect on the vocals in the beginning of the song. The lyrics are pretty long and repetitive. Change can be scary!

Before Three
This song is pretty happy, but it doesn't have that poppiness most happy Cure songs have. It's pretty.. mellow, rock, I guess? It looks back at a happy time in love that is no more. I look at it positively, though!

The End Of The World
This one starts pretty abruptly, and is a little more upbeat and cheerful-sounding than the last song, even though the lyrics aren't. It's about a relationship that didn't work out. But I like it!

Very unique sounds in this one, it has a very nice vibe, and Robert's singing is beautiful. The lyrics are simple and sad, and do what they're supposed to.

Us Or Them
This kind of hits you in the face, it's almost metal! The instruments are heavier, and Robert screams aggressively. The lyrics seem to be about religion, or maybe politics.

This feels like a less heavier version than the last song. The lyrics could be interpreted in a number of ways; it could be Robert saying he doesn't want to continue with The Cure, it could be a break-up song, or even about death.

(I Don't Know What's Going) On
A more poppy, light feel. Robert's voice reaches a great height in the chorus!

Taking Off
This one sounds more like the cheerful poppy songs they used to do, but not 100%. I think there is something missing to make it great. I feel the lyrics are about enjoying the moment with someone you love, and tomorrow you can worry about your life again.

Pretty heavy instruments in this one, and Robert ends up screaming a lot. Pretty sad lyrics.

The Promise
This one is over 10 minutes long! It's very emotional, but it drags on. It would have been okay if it was shorter! I guess like in the lyrics you feel like you've been promised something good, and you're waiting for it, but it doesn't come. You promised, Robert, but we're still waiting for a good album again, haha!

Going Nowhere
A nice and calm song to finish off the album. And nice to have a short song after the last one! It's sad and sounds more like The Cure, so I think that was a good one to finish on.

This is an album most Cure fans aren't fans of. The sound is very different, and it doesn't really feel like them. There are very few songs that really stand out to me and that I really like. Sometimes it feels like the album is consistent, but then it takes a turn. I think my (European) CD edition is a little over an hour long, it seems like what you get in every region is different, so if I am missing some songs or have some you don't, that's why. I don't know if the different editions would make much of a difference. This is an album I almost never put on. I think it's a big shame that THIS is their self-titled album when it doesn't really sound like them. But oh well... Only one album left now, my review on 4:13 Dream will be up on Monday!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Bloodflowers by The Cure Review

It's the new millennium! And The Cure went back to the goth sound that I love (for the last time?). While Seventeen Seconds, Faith and Pornography are considered by fans to be their gothic trilogy, Robert Smith considers Pornography, Disintegration and Bloodflowers a trilogy, which I definitely agree on. People tend to forget about Bloodflowers, but I think it's great.

Out Of This World
A lovely album opener. It takes you right back to the atmosphere of Disintegration. Same with the structure of the lyrics, they are simple and repetitive, but bring out the emotion.

Watching Me Fall
This is very similar to the last song, but more electric guitar and distortion. I love the way Robert sings in this one! It seems like he sings about a drug-induced dream(?) where he has sex with a Japanese woman. It's an incredibly long song, a whopping 11 minutes (the longest song they have still to this date), but it's such a great song, I love it! I honestly wouldn't mind if it was longer.

Where The Birds Always Sing
Great guitars in this song too. Makes me feel so nostalgic. The lyrics are pretty straightforward (and a little repetitive), probably something most people have thought about.

Maybe Someday
Again, love the guitars! The keys are a nice touch too. All the instruments blend together really well, it's BARELY not too much going on.

The Last Day Of Summer
A lovely and calm song. Even the instruments feel really sad. The lyrics are pretty simple, not a lot of words needed for this feeling and atmosphere!

There Is No If...
Robert's voice is the star of this song. The lyrics are full of intense love, so this song doesn't need much else! The instruments are so subtle in the background, a great accompaniment!

The Loudest Sound
Love the unique sounds in this! And like on the rest of the album, the guitars are just beautiful. Again the lyrics are repetitive, pretty simple and sad. I love that ''silence is the loudest sound I've ever heard''.

Really cool sounds on this! We even get solos! So the title of this refers to Robert's age - he wrote this on his birthday. It's so beautiful and emotional; ''I used to feed the fire - but the fire is almost out''. Like other endings of other albums it leaves us scared that there will be no more The Cure - but it's now 2 decades and 2 albums since, and we're getting a new album this year!

We haven't had a title track since Disintegration! Another tie to that album. Same with the vibe, simple and repetitive lyrics about a relationship. It's a good choice for the title track, and as the album ends you still want more. But sadly so far Cure fans haven't been satisfied. Could we finally get some satisfaction with the upcoming new album?

The album runs a little over an hour, which is okay, considering it only has nine songs. The songs flow well together, it's really a great album, and it's truly underrated. I know most people aren't big fans of their 2000's work, but this one takes me right back to Disintegration.

On Thursday I will review their self-titled album, which most people aren't very fond of.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Wild Mood Swings by The Cure Review

We have now reached the 10th album! It took them 4 years this time, a pattern they would continue until their last album (which is now 11 years old - but we will get a new album this year!).

This song builds up the album really well, and the guitars are great. I love the strings! All the instruments are arranged and mixed very well. I think a lot of people can feel with this song. We always want more, the opposite of what we have or things we can't have. Most of us aren't satisfied with our lives!

Club America
I feel the instruments are a little more chaotic in this one. But omg, Robert's voice! He sounds a lot sexier when he sings deep like that. Not really a fan of the backing vocals in the chorus though. The lyrics describe what could be a typical night out - not just in America!

This Is A Lie
A very interesting slow song! Beautiful strings. So emotional.

The 13th
This is so different it makes me laugh! Very latino. I only enjoy the chorus, honestly. It's too weird for me! The lyrics describe him seeing a woman sing on stage, they start talking and are going to have sex. He doesn't REALLY want to, this isn't like him, and knows he will regret it, but doesn't care.

Strange Attraction
And now for something completely different! The intro sounds like something from a horror movie, and then it gets super cheerful. It's really fun and cute! Ends a little sad though. I guess I can relate to this in how I've made friends online, and after I've met them, they aren't who I thought they were.

Mint Car
I have the single of this, and the first time I heard it I was surprised. I wasn't very familiar with them at the time, mainly just the gloomy stuff, and a couple of the poppy hits, I guess. At the time I was probably more against cheerful and poppy stuff. But now I like it! It's a good song. I'm singing along now!

Jupiter Crash
This blends perfectly with the last track, but this one is slower and gloomier, and takes us back to their earlier stuff. I feel it could be about a girl losing her virginity? Seems like it to me, at least.

Round & Round & Round
This song is a good blend of rock and pop - and even some classical! The lyrics remind me of Open on the last album, about introverts or other people playing along with the social norms at a party.

This one is more jazzy! Not really my thing. But the lyrics are very motivational!

A nice, slow and emotional song - with a touch of oriental and strings. The lyrics are really sad; about depression and drug addiction.

This one picks up things again! But I feel there's just too much going on with the instruments in this one.

Love the guitar here! I like the aggressiveness, it's not too much. I wonder if the lyrics are about a certain person - they seem like a bitch!

Wonderful atmosphere created by the instruments, especially the strings. The lyrics are very simple, but emotional and sad.

The atmosphere in the last song carries over into this. It's an incredibly sad breakup song. It's the longest song by far on the album, at almost 8 minutes, but it doesn't feel too long. I think it ends the album well, leaving you still wanting more. But it would be 4 more years until the next album.

The album clocks in at just over an hour long, which I think it's a good length - same with the length of the songs themselves. I think the album title fits really well! They really experimented a lot with different sounds on this one, and for me, it wasn't really successful. I don't know if I wanna go as far as saying it's a BAD album, but.. it's not very good, in my opinion. There are some songs I like on it, but I'm not very likely to put this album on. On Sunday I'll be back with something much better; Bloodflowers!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Wish by The Cure Review

Released 3 years after Disintegration, we have now entered the 90s. That was a quiet decade for them, with only two studio albums, but they were still riding on their commercial success. On this album they kept little of the sound on the past album, but still kept a lot of the emotion. They went in a more ''regular'' rock direction, but also gave us a couple of cheerful songs! Also worth mentioning; since Lol Tolhurst was kicked from the band, they now had Perry Bamonte on board.

As the album starts, we can tell that they again have left the gothic sound behind. This is pretty much straight-up rock, no keyboards. The song describes what a lot of introverts or people with social anxiety feel when they're at a social gathering. But then ''until someone slips me heaven'', and it all goes spiraling downwards.

This one is more cheerful! Really nice guitars. The lyrics are reminiscent of Disintegration, but this time it was someone he didn't lose, just almost. They're also built up similarly to Lovesong.

And we're back to dark - almost gothic. A great calm atmosphere. Again the lyrics are built up like High and Lovesong. This time there's a couple who is obviously bad at communicating. I guess that's happens to a lot of couples, they fight, but don't know how to make up (and might be too selfish to do so), and end up falling apart.

From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
Typical 90s rock vibe, I feel. But with some piano in there! The percussion is cool, pretty refreshing. And what, an almost metal guitar solo?! The lyrics to me seem like a ''Charles and Diana and Camilla'' type of relationship. A very emotional and powerful song.

Wendy Time
This one is a little funky! I don't know who the lyrics are supposed to be about, but that chick seems annoying, haha. Seems like a hooker or a fuck-friend or something.

Doing The Unstuck
''Let's get happy''! This is such a cheerful song, and I feel it's very underrated. And I wonder if this was on purpose: ''For dancing like you can't hear the beat and you don't give a further thought to things like feet''

Friday I'm In Love
Their most famous song. Overplayed to shit! And mentioned by someone on the internet every single Friday - and on the other days ''but it's not even Friday''! Yeah, yeah, it's fun and great, but come on, they have so many fantastic songs, even just on this album! Not putting it down or anything, it's a good song, a very happy ''being in the moment and forget everything else'' feeling (with the one you love, of course).

This is just incredibly depressing, especially when it's placed right after the previous song. It reminds me of Homesick. All the instruments are layered nicely and really express the emotion, so does Robert Smith's voice.

A Letter To Elise
Another piece that still hangs around from Disintegration; this reminds me of Pictures Of You. It's a sad break-up song, but the keyboard melody makes it sound more cheerful. I really like the guitar solo, it really brings the emotions of the song to its climax.

Back to rocking out like earlier in the album. I feel there's too much happening at once in this song though, so it gets a little noisy. Because of the power of this song, it doesn't seem as sad. It describes a relationship / friendship where the other person has turned on you, but you still care for them.

To Wish Impossible Things
Slower and darker. All the instruments (and Robert's voice) create a good atmosphere. The violins really strengthens the emotion in this, it's really beautiful. The lyrics are fairly simple, but powerful. It could be about any loss, but probably a possible relationship.

Got a shirt on Depop and made it into a dress!
Will wear it when I see them.
Great bass and guitar. Good drums and cool effect on the vocals! To me the lyrics sound like Robert's feelings about the band and its fans. After all, he isn't very fond of fame. I wonder if he was actually considering giving up at that point? I know after this album came out it seemed that way, and they wouldn't release another album for 4 years. It's a scary song to put at the end of the album!

This one was shorter than Disintegration, but still pretty long at about 66 minutes. The songs themselves are mid to long length, none of them I feel are too long. It's overall a good album, but not one of my favorites. They definitely could have done much worse, it's hard to live up to the previous album! Also, I feel like the title of the NEXT album (Wild Mood Swings) would also be fitting to this one! I will talk about that one on Wednesday, so come back then!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Disintegration by The Cure Review

It's 1989 and The Cure are back with their previous goth sound! Robert Smith was turning 30 at the time and was having a bit of a crisis coming to terms with that (oh please, he had done so much already). He also didn't like how popular they had become (well HE made pop music in protest to being perceived as goth), and started using drugs again. Lol Tolhurst struggled with alcoholism, and could barely contribute, so they officially hired their touring keyboardist Roger O'Donnell. Things were hard for them, but according to O'Donnell ''It was never a serious atmosphere in the studio, and when you think about the album and how dark it is, I'm sure people think we were sitting around slitting our wrists with candles and chains hanging from the walls.''

Chimes open up the album, before it explodes into.. bliss. The keyboards get to shine before the guitar comes in. Robert sings softly, and there's some delay, which goes really well with the atmosphere of the song. The lyrics are kind of sad, but still beautiful.

Pictures Of You
Into another dream we go. I can only imagine how many young goths has listened to this after a heartbreak over the past 30 years. The lyrics are so beautiful, and they work for different kinds of loss. Robert's voice gives me goosebumps! The guitars are really good too.

Tribal-y drums, but what shines in this song are the keyboards - that's what makes the song memorable to me. The guitar is nice, but they are after all very typical of this album. But to me this is kind of a filler song. The lyrics are really sad.

What, a HAPPY song?! I guess everyone knows this song. As you probably know, it was Robert's wedding present to his wife Mary. Will definitely play this at my wedding (and probably Aurelio Voltaire's cover as well). The lyrics are very simple and repetitive, but they work really well. Like the other songs on the album, the keyboards really make this song, but the guitar is good too.

Last Dance
Love the bass in this - the guitars are great too! I like that the keyboards are more in the background this time. Again the lyrics are about memories with a girl / woman.

This song is so fantastic, it's so unique! The guitar and violin work really well together. While it could work as a lullaby, it's still terrifying - Like Robert has said himself, the lullabies he heard as a child had a scary ending. For me this is especially scary, because I'm terrified of spiders. So I'm not much of a fan of the music video! The whispery singing is really cool, though kind of hard to sing along to!

Fascination Street
Now this one is more rock! A goth hit, not very unlike ''Burn'' they would release for The Crow soundtrack some 5 years later. Both fantastic songs!

Prayers For Rain
Really like the backwards effect and the ''deep rumbling'' of the keyboard and bass behind the guitar at the start of the song. Then comes the ''grand'' keyboards that are so distinctive for this song. The little guitar melody is great too!

The Same Deep Waters As You
Like other songs on the album, the keyboards dominate the song, with a picked guitar melody inbetween, and Robert melancholically singing about a woman. But this time underwater during a storm!

I like that this one is more guitar and bass driven - but I like the little keyboard melody, it makes the song more distinctive! Fittingly the title track of the album, the lyrics are raw emotion. He sings it with such feeling that it gives me chills!

Love how the piano and guitars work together in this one, it's really beautiful. Really a song to get lost in! This was apparently Lol Tolhurst's only contribution to the album. And it's a good one!

It annoys me that this is called ''Untitled'', haha. The intro is refreshing and different, and then goes into the typical sound for this album (with barely any keyboard). This goes back into the theme of the album again, with sad memories about a certain person.

Needless to say, I love this album. What goth doesn't? This is a must-have album, especially recommended as a ''babybat's first The Cure album''! Though I also recommend getting one or two compilation albums, since they have so many different sounds. Anyway, this album is actually 70 minutes long, almost as long as the last one! But on this one the songs are really long, up to over 9 minutes! I don't even notice, all of the songs are really good. The album has such a great gloomy atmosphere! It's no wonder it is their best selling album, even now, 30 years later. I watched their Disintegration at the Sydney Opera House livestream, it was magical! Can't wait to see them. Only 3 weeks left now!
Come back on Saturday for my review on Wish!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me by The Cure Review

This is a double album, but they managed to fit it on one cassette / CD (Hey You was not included on the original 1987 CD release). We've got 18 songs, lasting one hour and 15 minutes. Here we go!

The Kiss
The album starts off with a strong bass, but otherwise pretty slowly. Loving that guitar! Robert Smith doesn't sing until almost 4 minutes in, and fittingly the first line is the album title. I love his singing on this.

A short and sweet song. The lyrics are so cute! They're what shines in this song, everything else is kept pretty simple and in the background - but the violin is a nice touch!

A more gothic song - and Robert sings ''vampire bat'' in the chorus, so there you go! I love his voice so much. The little keyboard part towards the end is pretty fun.

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
Another of their exotic-feeling songs. A very nice and calm song to let your mind wander.

Why Can't I Be You?
And now we dance! This is still one of their big hits. It's very new wave / 80s pop. I dare you to sit still when you hear this!

How Beautiful You Are
Also a cheerful-sounding song with keyboards, piano and violin - but when you put it after the last song, it kind of pales in comparison.

Great guitar in this one, and kind of an exotic atmosphere again. It stays very the same for almost the entire 7-minute run, but gets a little bit more interesting towards the end.

Hey You
This song perks you up again! Lots of fun keyboards, and even some sax! There is some good guitar in there too, but pretty hidden for most of the song. Also in this too Robert wants you to kiss him, haha.

Just Like Heaven
Ahh, one of their most famous songs! That guitar just takes you up in the clouds, like new love does. The acoustic guitar, keyboards and piano really add to the feeling. It's such a beautiful song, and especially the lyrics. Will definitely play this at my wedding!

All I Want
Now we go back to a similar sound to Snakepit again. The guitar is pretty ''harsh'', but the keyboards and piano softens it.

Hot Hot Hot!!!
Hilarious song. It's so funky! I guess this is the sexiest Robert Smith has ever been, most of the time he's just adorable. The keyboards after the chorus are really cool.

One More Time
Ahh, this one is so beautiful and lovely! Slow and soft drums, the long keyboard notes, dreamy guitars, the flute(?) and all the other sounds they put in there. So ethereal. Robert's singing and the lyrics are making me dramatically lift my arms towards the sky. A very emotional song.

Like Cockatoos
Now this one is pretty different! Acoustic guitar, dramatic keyboards and experimental sounds create an almost eerie atmosphere.

Icing Sugar
Tribal-sounding drums and saxophone! Great bass, and I like the guitars too, but they get hidden behind everything else most of the time. Closes with a cute little music box melody.

The Perfect Girl
I thiink this is / was a hit, but not as big as the singles from this album. I really like the cheerful melody. The guitar reminds me of Siouxsie & The Banshees' cover of ''Dear Prudence'', which Robert played guitar on.

A Thousand Hours
A calm and emotional song. Great keyboards and piano. This gives us a taste of the sound we'll hear more of on the next album; Disintegration.

Shiver And Shake
In this one they step back into the (post-)punky / gothrock spirit, it's more harsh and aggressive, it kind of sounds like they're just jamming.

Love the guitar in this one! The ''Fight fight fight'' part is really good. The lyrics are great, and they close out the album with the message ''So when the hurting starts, and when the nightmares begin - Remember: you can fill up the sky, you don't have to give in - Never give in''. A strong ending!

This album shows you pretty much everything that The Cure can do. From pop to funk(!) to dark rock to ethereal songs that will take you away into another world. It really takes you on a long journey (this album can last me an entire flight to Germany). It's hard to summarize the album because of that, there's far from just one feeling or atmosphere! I guess it's mostly pretty fun and light when you compare it to their gothic trilogy. It was a huge commercial success, just like the last album. But Robert wasn't much of a fan of that, so for the next album they went back to their goth sound. Come back on Wednesday for my thoughts on Disintegration, which according to South Park's Kyle Broflovski is "the best album ever"!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Head On The Door by The Cure Review

Again just a year after the last album (1985), The Cure came back with an even pop-ier sound than we got a taste of with the last album. For this album they got Simon Gallup back, plus Boris Williams and Porl Thompson (officially) joined.

In Between Days
We get right into it with this classic hit! Everything about it is so lovely. I get this happy, summery and dancy feeling from it! And I hope Robert Smith isn't talking about himself getting old, cause he would have been 26 when this came out!

Kyoto Song
This one is a little darker and mysterious, with a touch of oriental to it.

The Blood
We go from oriental to Spanish! We even get a solo, haha. The keyboards are a nice touch.

Six Different Ways
So many unique sounds in this, I love it! Such a cute song.

God, I love the guitar riff in this one! This song takes you back to fun summer memories, the guitars create that kind of atmosphere.

The Baby Screams
I absolutely love the bass, piano and guitar in this! There is a lot going on, but it's layered well. It has a really unique sound!

Close To Me
Another classic hit! Such cute keyboards, and I really like Robert's different vocal tracks. This is also where the title of the album is referenced in the lyrics, since there isn't a title track for once.
''Oh, if only I was sure - that my head on the door was a dream''

A Night Like This
Most of the other tracks on this album sound very unique when it comes to the use of intruments, this one sounds more ''normal''. But we got some saxophone (played by Ron Howe) and piano in the background. It's still a very memorable and popular song though! Very romantic lyrics too.

That bass! Despite that making the song a little heavier, it's still a very catchy song.

Again, great bass. So glad to have Simon Gallup back! Together with the keyboards, piano, guitar and the effect on the vocals it creates a very nice and dreamy almost underwater atmosphere. A pretty good album closer, but it still leaves you wanting more!

This album wasn't very long, since the songs weren't, so it clocks in at about 38 minutes. We got a lot more radio friendly songs, unique sounds and the music sounds very happy - even though the lyrics might not necessarily be. But I don't think those are bad things! I think it's a great album, especially great for summer. Come back on Monday, and I will tackle the huge thing that is Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me!

Friday, July 12, 2019

The Top by The Cure Review

Now this album, for once not released a year after the last, but two (1984), has a really different sound than the previous albums. I did say in my last post what some of the contributing factors were, but prior to this album, Simon Gallup had left the band, Lol Tolhurst switched from drums to keyboards, and Andy Anderson (who sadly died earlier this year) joined. Robert Smith had also done his project The Glove with Siouxsie & The Banshees bandmate Steven Severin, and he was also still working with the Banshees. So those are even more contributing factors for this soundchange. Now The Cure were working on becoming more radio friendly.

Shake Dog Shake
We jump right in! While it sounds like The Cure, this is something different. It kind of has this psychedelic atmosphere, and is more guitardriven. You can barely hear the bass, which used to be very prevalent and creative when Simon Gallup was in the band.

The Birdmad Girl
Love the guitar in this one! Cute keyboards too. The song is very light, cheerful and dancy. This is The Cure that the mainstream is more familiar with, that poppy sound.

Wailing Wall
Eerie and calm buildup. I love the middle eastern atmosphere! And it still has that melancholic The Cure that I love so much.

Give Me It
This song is so.. chaotic, haha. Seems like something that came about under the influence of drugs!

Dressing Up
This is such a lovely song. They're experimenting with new sounds here, and it worked very well! It sounds like it would be a pop hit at the time - I had no idea if it was, this was 10 years before I was born, after all.

The Caterpillar
Now this one was definitely a hit - and still is! I love how they used the piano and violin and this, and the ''flickering'' percussion. The lyrics are lovely too, you really want to sing along!

Piggy In The Mirror
Another different sound to this one, but not very memorable or special to me. I do like the keyboards, though! And the little acoustic guitar solo (almost Spanish-sounding) is cool too.

The Empty World
I like the sound of this, it sounds so grand and kind of ominous - and the little ''whistling'' melody pulls it perfectly together to create that army atmosphere.

Another more psychedelic song. It's pretty alright, it's not a bad song, but not my favorite on this.

The Top
I love the atmosphere of this song, it's kind of cold. It probably has something to do with what kind of notes they're using, but I don't know shit about that, haha. This is by far the longest song on the album, at almost 7 minutes - the others don't even come close. I think it does a great job at closing off the album, since it's a calmer song.

So yes, quite a different sound indeed! We're hearing a lot of different instruments on this one. But I don't think that's a bad thing, necessarily! I think they were really good at creating different scapes of atmosphere. They also showed they were more versatile. This album was 40 minutes long, which I thought was a nice length. But this definitely isn't one of their best albums.
Come back tomorrow to see what I think about The Head On The Door!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Pornography by The Cure Review

The last album in their ''gothic trilogy'', released in 1982. Now they had basically invented goth, not just the sound, but also the iconic look. Between Faith and this they released my favorite song by them (as you can probably tell by the title of this blog); Charlotte Sometimes. Robert Smith thought this would be their last album, and he was very depressed at the time. The band was also taking drugs heavily during recording, so I guess all of that contributed to how it turned out, as well as the band's future.

One Hundred Years
God, I love this song. The guitar on this is amazing, and that ''cold'', almost dangerous atmosphere. I feel this is a pretty underrated song, at least in my experience.

A Short Term Effect
A song that also could have been on the last album, it's got that classic The Cure sound. I like the echoey effects in this.

The Hanging Garden
A goth classic! I love how the drums and bass work together, and how they contrast to everything Robert Smith does. Fun fact: AFI did a pretty good cover of this.

Siamese Twins
Such a lovely song. Nice guitars during the instrumental parts, and I like that they're not around so much while Robert is singing, so that the drums get to shine - the bass is kind of hidden behind the drums.

The Figurehead
Really cool effect on the bass. Everything sounds good, really! Loving the guitar inbetween the verses. But it does drag on a bit, as it's over 6 minutes long.

A Strange Day
A very darkwave song, since the keyboards are so prominent. I love the little guitar riff after the first chorus and towards the end of the song!

This song features Robert playing cello, wow! They really made a cold atmosphere with the instruments (especially with the keyboards), perfectly matching the title and lyrics.

The title track starts with some backwards speaking, and then some normal talking before the instruments slowly come in and drowns them out. Robert doesn't start singing until almost halfway into the song! It's 6,5 minutes long, so for me it's a little too weird and drags on for quite a bit.

This album is almost 45 minutes long (10 minutes longer than their previous albums), since their songs are longer now, but it doesn't really feel like that. I only felt The Figurehead and the title track were too long, One Hundred Years is the only 6+ minute song that stayed interesting all the way through. But overall it's a really good album, and it has been so influential to goth.
On Friday I will take on something completely different; The Top!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Faith by The Cure Review

The second album in the ''gothic trilogy'', released in 1981. At this point The Cure are a trio yet again, but a good one! This album is truly a masterpiece.

The Holy Hour
My god, I love this song. That bass! And Robert Smith comes in strong with his voice, and I love the effect on the vocals.

Then it picks up with this great song! It's so fun and dancy, and everything about it is SO good!
''The further we go and older we grow, the more we know, the less we show''

Other Voices
Another fantastic song. The guitars and vocals sound so dreamy, like they're taking you into another world. The drums are good too, and especially the bass.

All Cats Are Grey
I feel this is the first time the keyboards really get to shine, on other songs they're just in the background, contributing very little to the ambiance. The drums here are also different, which is a nice change. A really nice and calming song, and the vocals sound very ethereal and melancholic.

The Funeral Party
Another calm and melancholic song, but sounds very different from the last one.

This brings you back down to earth, being very upbeat, and having some of that punky sound and energy like they've previously had. The lyrics are super violent!

The Drowning Man
Back to calmer territory, and another very melancholy song. The lyrics are very beautiful and sad.

It ends with this song, which is almost 7 minutes long! Again, it's pretty calm and melancholic, very classic The Cure.

So yeah, obviously this is overall a pretty gloomy album. I really love the atmosphere, I kind of zone out for the most of it. It's really good and beautiful! Like the last time, they really came a long way again in just a year. Next up tomorrow will of course be Pornography!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Seventeen Seconds by The Cure Review

Taking us into the 80s, The Cure also introduced us to goth with this album. This is the first album in what we call their ''gothic trilogy''.

A Reflection
The album starts off with this 2-minute instrumental track. Piano and guitar blends perfectly together and really sets the mood.

Play For Today
Then we go into a classic goth sound with a dancy beat, melodic bass and jangly guitar. And of course, Robert Smith's voice and style of singing that we've all come to love. A great song that should get played more on goth dancefloors (especially versus A Forest when it comes to this album).

While the instruments in this is similar to the last song, the way the vocals are done in this song is very different. We've got a low and calm main vocal paired a high ''wailing'' backing with more effect, which is really interesting. There's also some piano, and I love when they pull the bass to the front.

In Your House
Really beautiful instrumentation on this one. Well done, and calming to listen to.

A really weird track with different sounds. Kind of messy, but I really like that ''ominous'' sound that comes after a while and continues on. Not a fan of all the random stuff though.

The Final Sound
A less than one minute instrumental track. The piano gives that similar ''suspenseful'' feeling like the last song had. It's a shame the tape ran out while they were recording and couldn't do it again, cause I would have liked to hear more of this track!

A Forest
Who doesn't recognize this immediately? At least when the first note comes on. A goth dancefloor classic, honestly overplayed in my opinion. But don't get me wrong, it's a good song! They did a really good job, especially considering the song is almost 6 minutes long, which is very long for them so far. It stays interesting all the way through.

While this song has the gothic sound they have on the rest of this album, it also reminds me of their first album, so I'm wondering if this was an early song for this album. Really liking the guitar at the end.

At Night
Loving the distortion on the guitar here. I feel like it makes the rest of the instruments and vocals sound really low, though? But that changes throughout, so the way they mixed this kind of confuses and distracts me.

Seventeen Seconds
I feel this is very similar to M, and to me isn't very memorable. I don't think this was the best choice for the title track or the ending of the album.

Awww, look at them, so cute!
While this album has 10 songs, it's still just as long as their first album. I like it better this way, so the songs could be longer. This came out a year after their first album, and they really improved their sound over that year! I really think bringing in Simon Gallup on bass really helped with that. Come back tomorrow for my review on Faith!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Three Imaginary Boys by The Cure Review

I just realized that it's suddenly exactly one month until I see The Cure live at Øyafestivalen! I promised to review all of their albums as a countdown (and I've been meaning to do reviews on them for ages), so now I will finally do it! 1 day will be 1 year in their discography (schedule on my Facebook page if you need it). Starting with their first album, of course. This album came out in 1979, and sounds a little different than The Cure we know today.

10.15 Saturday Night
The album starts off pretty calm. It's kinda weird hearing Robert Smith's voice this early on, I guess when he hasn't found his voice yet. The song is overall pretty simple, but memorable. I love the little drum fillers before he sings ''And the tap drips''. And it has a freaking solo, haha! I really like the guitars at the end after he whispers ''It's always the same''.

Then we go right into the next song, which is more melodic. Gosh, this sounds so OLD, haha. I know this album really well, but now that I'm writing a review I'm listening more closely. They hadn't quite found their sound yet, but you could tell they had potential.

Grinding Halt
Post-punk used to be called ''positive punk'', and I feel this song really fits with that. It sounds pretty punky, but with the prominent melodic bass, it sounds so much more cheerful!

Another Day
The Cure would go on to become of the very first goth bands, and I feel this song foreshadows that a little bit. In contrast to the last song, this is more melancholic and mellow. Robert sings a little more like he would do later, and you got that gothic guitar sound.

And then we go back to more punky again. Not sure about those lyrics, though. That doesn't sound like the sweet Robert I've read about! But this song was the producer's choice, so I guess that's why.

Subway Song
That bass! I really like the guitar too, it gives a little creepy atmosphere that goes with the lyrics. Aand now I forgot to take my headphones off for that FUCKING scream at the end. It gets me every time, goddamnit.

Foxy Lady
So this is a Jimi Hendrix Experience cover, which is a little weird, and it wasn't supposed to be on the album. It sounds nothing like the original, and bassist Michael Dempsey sings on this track. Like Object this was also the producer's choice.

Meat Hook
This song is very similar to the first song on the album - everything about it, pretty much.

So What
Ok, what the hell is this song. Half of the lyrics is.. an ad? Hilarious! So punk, lol. But the instruments sounds like how they do on the rest of the album.

Fire In Cairo
Such a classic song. It's really fun! And the best part is the ''F-I-R-E-I-N-C-A-I-R-O'' - I really have to concentrate to be able to sing along!

It's Not You
Pretty upbeat and kind of punky, but not very memorable. Poor girl who is referenced in these lyrics, haha.

Three Imaginary Boys
Great choice for the title track. Those wailing vocals that we have all come to love, so I'm really glad they went more in that direction.

The Weedy Burton
A cute little instrumental to finish off. I feel it's very summery and beachy, haha.

Even though this album has a whopping 13 sounds, they're all very short, so the entire album is only about 35 minutes long. Which I think is fine when you have that many songs. This album is a bit of a mixed bag, I guess cause they were still finding their sound, the producer putting in Object and Foxy Lady, and this was their first album, after all. It's not my favorite album of theirs, but it's still nice to hear them early on and hear their punk influences. They've had so many sounds, and they've come such a long way since 1979.

Come back tomorrow for a review on their second album; Seventeen Seconds!
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