Monday, July 8, 2019

Seventeen Seconds by The Cure Review

Taking us into the 80s, The Cure also introduced us to goth with this album. This is the first album in what we call their ''gothic trilogy''.

A Reflection
The album starts off with this 2-minute instrumental track. Piano and guitar blends perfectly together and really sets the mood.

Play For Today
Then we go into a classic goth sound with a dancy beat, melodic bass and jangly guitar. And of course, Robert Smith's voice and style of singing that we've all come to love. A great song that should get played more on goth dancefloors (especially versus A Forest when it comes to this album).

While the instruments in this is similar to the last song, the way the vocals are done in this song is very different. We've got a low and calm main vocal paired a high ''wailing'' backing with more effect, which is really interesting. There's also some piano, and I love when they pull the bass to the front.

In Your House
Really beautiful instrumentation on this one. Well done, and calming to listen to.

A really weird track with different sounds. Kind of messy, but I really like that ''ominous'' sound that comes after a while and continues on. Not a fan of all the random stuff though.

The Final Sound
A less than one minute instrumental track. The piano gives that similar ''suspenseful'' feeling like the last song had. It's a shame the tape ran out while they were recording and couldn't do it again, cause I would have liked to hear more of this track!

A Forest
Who doesn't recognize this immediately? At least when the first note comes on. A goth dancefloor classic, honestly overplayed in my opinion. But don't get me wrong, it's a good song! They did a really good job, especially considering the song is almost 6 minutes long, which is very long for them so far. It stays interesting all the way through.

While this song has the gothic sound they have on the rest of this album, it also reminds me of their first album, so I'm wondering if this was an early song for this album. Really liking the guitar at the end.

At Night
Loving the distortion on the guitar here. I feel like it makes the rest of the instruments and vocals sound really low, though? But that changes throughout, so the way they mixed this kind of confuses and distracts me.

Seventeen Seconds
I feel this is very similar to M, and to me isn't very memorable. I don't think this was the best choice for the title track or the ending of the album.

Awww, look at them, so cute!
While this album has 10 songs, it's still just as long as their first album. I like it better this way, so the songs could be longer. This came out a year after their first album, and they really improved their sound over that year! I really think bringing in Simon Gallup on bass really helped with that. Come back tomorrow for my review on Faith!

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  1. I remember this album well from my mis-spent childhood. Thanks for the great review.


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