Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Festival Wristband Choker Tutorial

This year's M'era Luna wristbands were so pretty, especially with the Alchemy Gothic coin, so I decided I would make mine into a choker! If you wanna see how I did it, scroll on! If you're not as tiny as I am, you can use the same technique for a bracelet.

How they looked like as wristbands

Using a plier to crush the plastic and get it off

I'm free!

Meet my lovely assistant!
He's showing you the stuff you'll need:
A ruler / measuring tape, ribbon clasp, scissors and pliers.

First, measure your neck / wrist for how much you need.
Then measure the distance between the clasps and subtract that.
Now you know how much you need to trim off, if any.

Unhook the ribbon clasps, place each end into one and squeeze shut.

And there you have it! Super easy and cute!

What do you do with festival wristbands after the event?


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