Friday, October 4, 2019

Oslo trip to see The Sisters Of Mercy

Hey now, hey now now! A week ago we set off to Oslo, since we had decided that we might as well spend the whole weekend over there. But our plane was delayed for THREE hours, and when we got to Oslo there was complete train chaos, so we didn't get to meet up with my friend Marthe until the evening. She's a tattoo apprentice, so we wanted to get some ink done, but that day we only had time for Simen. He got his first tattoo; The Witcher wolf medallion! He wants to fill that arm with game stuff, and he handled it well, so he's off to a good start! Check out Marthe's artist IG here.

Cute soaps she made for us!

They have some adorable cats (who are the mascots of the Goth Norway page), and we spent a lot of time snuggling with them. Here's Simen with Rydiger (named after The Little Vampire's norwegian name).

And this is Høst! Such a model.

Saturday we went to a flea market inside a barn, and I found myself this cool bag that I want to try to add corset lacing to, as well as these sick shoes! They're by El Dante's, and from what I found online they have made a lot of cool shoes in the 90's, similar to Demonias! They're a 35 and super pointy, so they're kinda tight on me, and force me to stand on my toes. But they were only €1, same as the bag, so I had to have them! 

Then it was finally my turn to get some ink! It's been 3 years since I got my last tattoo, so it was about time! I got these forget-me-nots, they're my favorite flowers, and I thought they'd be the perfect way to end my right arm - they match my Elsa tattoo really well! Super cute.

Now let's get down to business! We were super late in getting ready, but eventually made it to Vaterland for the meetup before the show. I was surprised at how many people I knew there, I'm from the other side of the country! So that was really fun. Me and Yngve here both wore goth police shirts, so of course we had to take photos! Elitist gatekeepers from different generations, haha.

Now on to the show! Now I've pretty much only heard bad things about their shows, but I heard good stuff about the shows in the week prior, so my hopes had risen a little bit. A.A. Williams warmed up for them, they were pretty okay, but not super interesting. As the smoke started to build up, we knew it was time for Sisters! Even though I was on the first row, it was pretty hard to get good photos, so here are the best ones I got.

I wasn't super impressed by the show, to be honest. Andrew Eldritch doesn't have much power left in him, he looked pretty old (sure, he's 60, but compared to his contemporaries I've seen in recent years..). He just walked back and forth mumbling most of the time. He got some screams in though. Ben Christo overshadowed him a lot, he sang louder than him and had a lot of energy, so did the other guitarist. Some of the longer songs were shortened, which is understandable. A bunch of the songs were played differently, more of a Vision Thing style, I guess. Some of them I only first recognized by the beat, which I could barely hear. So the sound wasn't super great. I liked the acoustic songs though! But it wasn't until the encore they really picked things up, playing four more hits before they finished. So in conclusion, they were better than I originally expected, but not as good as what people made me believe the week before the show. It's obvious Eldritch wants to shake off the whole goth thing, hiring more rock n roll guitarists. But The Sisters' golden times are over, and he should honestly just let it go. Quoting The Mission; Let sleeping dogs die. I am glad I got to see them, considering I'm so young, but I wouldn't see them again, and I'm glad we made a weekend trip out of it.

After the show there was an afterparty at John Dee, which is in the same building. It got filled up pretty fast, it was so hot! We went straight in and started dancing. They played a lot of Sisters, obviously, The Mission (blasphemy, as someone called it, lol), and other classic goth / post-punk, as well as some modern stuff. It was so cool to see so many goths in one place in my own country! Obviously this was a rare occurence, Oslo events don't usually have that many people in attendance. As usual I danced my ass off, but we left a while before it closed, since we had to get back to Marthe's place.

Then it was Sunday. After breakfast we headed to the tattoo studio again, and I got myself some cute little bats! I wanted to fill in the area around my Nemi dragon a little bit more, but without overpowering the dragon. And it worked out perfectly! Am I a trve goff now?

And that evening we went home. Luckily everything went smoothly on the way back! Then it was back to normal life. This weekend I'm not gonna be social at all, cause I have other stuff every weekend ahead (including Trondheim Crawling, a new norwegian goth festival!). I'm sick anyway. I tried to ignore it, but I now I need some time on the couch under blankets.
Last month I did socialize and go to events just as much as I will this month, but I just don't take as many photos anymore and just focus on having fun. I do post a little on Instagram though, so you can follow me there!
I have some reviews coming up here on the blog, so if I don't blog about the next weekends, you'll at least get that! Until next time!


  1. Awesome band, even though Ive never seen them live 🖤

  2. Since you always review or comment on the bands you've seen, I appreciate your perspective. So the Sisters didn't exactly put on a great show. Hmm...I wonder if I'd bother to see them if they ever come near me. It does bother me though that Andrew goes to such great lengths to disavow anything goth, considering that we are the band's fan base. For that reason alone, I'd consider skipping them. And if his performance was lack-luster, all the reason to save my money. Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. This is just my opinion, and even though some people share it, there are people who disagree too, even about the Oslo show. So it's totally up to you! I think if you're a big Sisters fan and you've never seen them (or have seen a TERRIBLE show before), I'd do it. The tickets weren't that expensive. But don't travel very far to see them, at least not without making the trip more worthwhile, lol.


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