Saturday, November 30, 2019

Apartment Tour!

I realized that during the.. oh my god, THREE years I've had this blog, I've never done an apartment tour. We've also happened to have lived in three different apartments during that time. We haven't even moved every year! Well, three months ago we moved to a bigger and cheaper apartment (but further away from the city centre), and we've just now finally finished everything. So let me show you around our home!

Front door and hallway - Featuring coat hooks in my height!

Bathroom - Not very glamorous...

But I love all the space we get here!

A bright green closet, what's hiding in there?

A whole mess, LOL

Kitchen with a bright orange feature wall

Simen's gaming room

With a sleeping couch for guests
(Also a big poster of me that I haven't let him hang up before now)

Dining table

Basically what sold me on the apartment. Painted in the corner!

IKEA bookshelves with more DIY shelves added in.
I can add or remove shelves as needed!

Vintage cabinet from America that I thrifted for €50!

Newly installed fireplace.
Our old one was beautiful, but them pesky fire regulations...


Yes, we still have our stuffed animals, ok.

Loving the huge closet!

So that was that! I didn't want to write too much, since there were a lot of photos. Hope you enjoyed, and like the way we made the place our own! We own all the furniture shown (not counting the kitchen itself and the big bathroom stuff), and a lot of it is second hand, and even free! You can definitely take the same goth approach to clothing and apply it to home decor. Live the best spooky life you can!

If you're curious about anything, just ask. And now that it's December, I will put up some of our (black) yule decor! I think I'll just post photos of that on Instagram, but we'll see. I have at least planned a post about the highlights of 2019, and another about music. So you will definitely have that before the year is out! I might do a post about the holidays if I have time. See you soon!


  1. I see that Dysfunctional Doll sticker...or am I wrong?

    You have a nice place! Lots of room! That bathroom is just awesome!

  2. Nice place! It seems cozy and with lots of room.

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