Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Painted Goth Jacket

If you've followed me or been in the same online hangouts as I have during lockdown, you'll know and probably have seen pictures of the jacket I've been working on since the start of May. I saw a regular store here had this jacket earlier this year, and waited for it to come on sale before I snagged it. I really wanted to try to paint, something I have never done before. I'll just show you the finished product at once, then you can see the before and during!


Got the Lebanon Hanover pin for free when I ordered all their CDs during Bandcamp Friday :D
Sadgoth, Obscura Undead and Love Goth Hate Racism, all gotten during WGT last year.
Lip Service pin also free when I ordered from them (I'll post a clothing haul soon).
Spontis 2019 and 2020 buttons (see my last post for this year's Spontis magazine issue!)
Oh, and spikes from Ebay (took like 2 months to arrive). The leather hole puncher wouldn't cut through, so I seriously poked and poked with a leather needle until I could get the screws through.

This is from when I had finished painting the back, so before spikes, Modpodge etc.

And here's the before! It's a cool jacket (with ACTUAL pockets), but it's even cooler now!

The very first painting I did.
I used a ruler and chalk, before doing 2-3 coats of acrylic paint, later coated with Modpodge.
But I also did a bunch of the designs completely freehand.

Thought this little cemetery ended up so cute!
Since June I have been wearing the jacket, and noticed after a couple of months that the paint started to crack. So I got some outdoor Modpodge to seal it. I fixed up some parts, but kept some of the cracks.

This Drab Majesty design was a bitch, let me tell you. I used a ruler for some of it.

I am a perfectionist, so I think the band logos aren't perfect, but they did turn out pretty well still!

I'll throw in some photos of me wearing it from the past months!
It's not completely finished in any of these, I'll take more photos next time I do myself up!

Hope you enjoyed!
Maybe you get inspired to paint a jacket as well?
Would love to hear your thoughts on my newbie job!
I'll be back soon showing you some clothes I've ordered recently.


  1. I really like the jacket. I especially like the cemetery and spider web design. The web looks a lot like one of my masks. Good job!


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