Monday, August 17, 2020

Spontis Magazine 2020


Hello hello! I know it's been a while, but obviously, not a lot has been happening the past months. I've done some DJ streams as well as watching them and the wedding planning is still going. 2 months left today! There was no WGT or other festivals or concerts this year, but a few days ago I got something that helps; the Spontis magazine! Spontis is a German blog about the goth scene, and every year they have a meetup at WGT (you may have seen the big pike circle photos) where they hand out a physical magazine as well as other goodies. This year the button is corona-themed obviously, and there's even ''WGT'' wristbands! Oh, and I have also contributed to this year's issue myself! Let's take a peek inside.

Since there was no WGT or meetup, people sent in their own photos!

Oh how I miss it...

When I turned to this page, I went WOW! I didn't know how my article or photos would look in the magazine, and it looks amazing! I was asked to write about the scene here in Norway, about my hometown Bergen, black metal and other things.

My favorite places in Bergen, photos from my favorite cemetery!

How I got into the scene, events and so on.

My (FMPUS!) friend Michelle also wrote an article for the magazine!

Goth horoscope! These are also published on the Spontis site monthly, I believe.

This year's issue is a whopping 48 pages! I'm gonna have a great time reading it, and it will probably take a while, since I'm not fluent in German. Spontis helps me learn more and maintain it, which I guess is needed this year since I won't be in Germany again until hopefully next WGT.
If you want an issue for yourself (they might not be sold out yet), you can order one here. It's completely free within Germany, but if you live outside of Germany, they just ask you to cover the postage costs.

Spontis is a great blog that contributes to the scene, you also get to see how the german scene used to be back in the day. Thank you to Robert and Sabrina, and everyone else who helped make this happen!
Can't wait to see you again next year.

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  1. I am so happy to hear that the magazine has arrived safely in Norway. Thank you for your words of praise! We tried hard to compensate for the loss of the WGT at least a little. By the way, I can reveal that your article has become one of the most popular.

    Vær trygg, Caroline og Simon. Jeg holder allerede fingrene i krysset for bryllupet ditt. Med to så flotte mennesker kan det bare være den beste dagen.

    1. It really helps! A small piece of WGT. Oh wow, really?!
      Tusen takk <3


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