Wednesday, September 16, 2020

My second Alkemia Perfumes order

Earlier this year I showed you my first order from Alkemia Perfumes. I have now gotten my second order from them, cause I just can't get enough! If you haven't already, go check out my first post on them for more information, I don't wanna repeat myself here.

I got myself a fullsize of my favorite from my last order; Come To Me, as well as another sample set. I asked them for samples of perfumes they'd recommend based on my love for Come To Me, so I got two extra samples for free (it seems they do that with every order)! Let me review all the samples for you.

Paris 1905. Caveau des Innocents is the underworld hub of urban Parisian nightlife. Its clients a volatile melange of licentiousness and corruption - ladies of the night, a magistrate and his mistress, gangsters ("les Apaches"), farmers, philosophers, free-living writers, a foreign prince and a young duke. The promise of erotic debauchery and elegant iniquity beckons...

Tabac, dark coffee, piquant cloves, rum soaked pears, candied citron, dark caramel, and star anise bathed in intoxicating swirls of opoponax, labdanum, hashish, benzoin resinoid, vanilla incense, and guaiac wood.

"And coming where the crossroads separate
And down each vista glories and wonders wait,
Crowning each path with pinnacles so fair
You know not which to choose, and hesitate --
Oh, go to Paris." - Alan Seeger

This really fits the scenic description. It smells heavenly! Once you open the bottle, all the smells swirl together. I can pick up most of the ingredients right away. My skin picks up the sweeter and warmer notes at first, then it mellows down to a warm smokiness, and keeps getting smokier. When I mean smokey by the way, it's the things mentioned towards the end of the description (NOT BBQ or whiskey like Simen thought I was talking about). It stays on for an entire day, at least on me. I really like this, I just keep smelling my wrists. Possibly a new favorite I could get a fullsize of?

An enigmatic yet compelling blend of seductive eastern spices, aged patchouli, and sandalwood. Frankincense, nag champa, and dragons blood deepen the mystery.

"Only mystery allows us to live, only mystery." - Frederico Garcia Lorca

I love that painting. My first impression is that it smells like the home of an eastern witch. When I open the bottle, I mostly get the latter scents described. When I put it on me, for the first few seconds it was still that fresh ''colder'' scent that I just smelled, then transforms into a warmer scent similar to my first impression again. It's pretty exotic and witchy. It's a nice smell, but I don't feel it suits me. This would be great as a ''room spray'' though! I actually put some on my Bastet plushie and kept sniffing it, hahah.

Voluptuous, midnight-black roses blended with precious black Arabian oud and black Indonesian musk.

"Darkling I listen; and for many a time 
I have been half in love with easeful Death, 
Call'd him soft names in many a musèd rhyme,
To take into the air my quiet breath;     
Now more than ever seems it rich to die,               
To cease upon the midnight with no pain,             
While thou art pouring forth thy soul abroad
In such an ecstasy!" -- John Keats

When the bottle is closed, I like the smell, but when I open it.. I don't like it. I'm not big on the smell of roses, but this was even worse, hahah. To me it smelled like fertilizer at first! (insert that Outkast song here lol) I put it on just one wrist, cause I doubted I would like it. It smelled a little better after a minute, but the rose smell was still there. I couldn't smell the oud or musk, the rose was too strong. I gave it an hour and tried to wash it off, but failed. Not for me! If you really like rose, this could be for you.

Lapsang souchong tea, aloeswood, smoked black amber, aged dark patchouli, tonka, Amazonian breuzinho, Moroccan bhakoor, labdanum, temple incense, caramelized opium, black coffee, black coconut, soft Russian leather, and tabac leaf.

"I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul. I love you as the plant that never blooms but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers; thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance, risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body." - Pablo Neruda

What a long name, haha! The closed bottle smells pleasant, when I open it it's a little overwhelming with all the smells. The coffee hits me first, not quite sure what else I'm smelling. I'm not very familiar with some of the ingredients. The coffee faded after about 15-20 minutes, and whatever I smelled ''behind'' that stands out more, I just don't know what it is. After 30 minutes I think I can pick up the caramelized opium. 15 minutes after that I think I get a touch of tonka. So I don't get the scents ''in order'' as in the other perfumes, it's kind of all over the place. There's a lot in here, from dark, earthy and musky to sweetness and incense. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. If you think the ingredients sound interesting, definitely give it a shot! 

In the 1920s, a new woman was created. Unlike her Victorian sisters, she smoked, drank, danced, drove, and voted. She cut her hair, wore make-up, and (horrors!) went to petting parties. She was giddy, independent, and in charge of her sexuality. She was a flapper. This perfume is an homage to the steamier side of the Roaring Twenties - a darkly erotic blend of opium, labdanum, Tonka, balsam, sueded leather, and black musk.

It's the 20s again, and this description of a woman fits me! I also love the name, that's what attracted me first. In the closed bottle I really like the smell, when I open and apply it, it smells more.. floral, almost? I assume that's the opium. I also noticed the oil as a dark amber color. After a few minutes I think I pick up the labdanum, and then the tonka. The leather comes fairly quickly too, but it's not too strong, there's still some sweetness there. Ok scratch that, the sweetness goes away (It later came back). When the bottle was closed it smelled much sweeter, and I liked that, but it turned very different on me. Also I wouldn't say this is just for women. If you are a man and you think this sounds interesting, I think you should definitely give it a go, cause I don't think it smells very feminine, at least on me. I realize how important it is to actually test perfumes on you before you decide it's for you, cause it changes so much after that initial impression, and with your body chemistry.

Candied angelica, chrysanthemums, white flowering Nardo, clove flowers, jasmine-scented rice pudding, blonde caramel, infused with golden amber.

"Unknown! how I wish you lay, Alone in my silken tent to-night While I charmed the pain away. I would lay you down on the Royal bed, I would bathe your wounds with wine, And setting your feet against my head Dream you were lover of mine. My Crown is heavy upon my hair, The Jewels weigh on my breast, All I would leave, with delight, to share Your pale and passionate rest!" -- Adela Florence Cory Nicolson

This is one of the free samples I got, based on my love for Come To Me. My first impression is that it's a pleasant and sweet smell, but doesn't smell very strong. It does remind me of Come To Me, they have jasmine and amber (but not the same) in common, and this has candied angelica and caramel instead to give it that candy-sweet scent. So this was a really good recommendation based on that! I never would have guessed it myself, and probably skipped this on the site. I'd say this is a milder, less sweet version. So if you've tried Come To Me and thought it was a little too much, you might like this better. I'll keep this in mind for whenever I run out of Come To Me.

An opulence of cashmere sensuously perfumed with rare Japanese boudoir incenses, luxurious caramel pralines, vanilla orchids, bergamot, orris root, candied lemon peel, and a splash of champagne.

"I sit down to give you an undeniable proof of my considering your desires as indispensable orders. Ungracious then as the task may be, I shall recall to view those scandalous stages of my life, out of which I emerg'd, at length, to the enjoyment of every blessing in the power of love, health, and fortune to bestow; whilst yet in the flower of youth, and not too late to employ the leisure afforded me by great ease and affluence, to cultivate an understanding, naturally not a despicable one, and which had, even amidst the whirl of loose pleasures I had been tost in, exerted more observation on the characters and manners of the world than what is common to those of my unhappy profession, who looking on all thought or reflection as their capital enemy, keep it at as great a distance as they can, or destroy it without mercy." - Fanny Hill by J. Cleland, 1748

What hits me first is the candied lemon peel, bergamot and I assume the incense. It's very nice. It's fairly light, flowery and got a bit of an asian vibe to it. Like with some of the other perfumes, I find it smells sweeter in the bottle, but on me it doesn't. I guess my skin just sucks up sweet scents! I do still like it, but I don't think it suits me that well.

Our little perfume shelf!

So this time around I got a bunch of ''dark'' scents. They're all so different! I've learned more about what I like or don't like. I hope this has been useful for you! I mainly decided to do this for myself, I found it nice to have notes about all the different perfumes, now that I own 14(!) different samples. I think it's also amazing how much the scents change between arriving and ''settling'', so remember to wait around 48 hours after you take them inside before you actually test them out properly.

I found out that the scents I like are part of the Sensual Seductions sample set that contains Salome, Come To Me, Silken Tent, The Libertine, Evil Temptress and Memoirs Of A Woman Of Pleasure. So if it sounds like you like the same scents I do, I'd give that sample set a try!

I forgot to mention that I also got a dropper top. They're sold separately (for 50 cents), apparently because of leakage during transport. Definitely recommend getting one, so you don't pour too much out of the bottle. When you put it in, you turn the bottle upside-down and only a drop or two will come out.

Don't be surprised if I do another post like this in like 6 months, cause I am addicted! It's really exciting to discover and learn different scents, especially as cool as these are! You know I recommend this company, especially if you've drooled over BPAL but thought their perfumes and / or shipping was too expensive.


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