Sunday, December 6, 2020

Our Gothic Wedding Photoshoot

 I'm so excited to finally share our wedding photos with you! Local wedding photographer Kristine Ristesund (IG, FB) I knew instantly would be perfect for the job. She's not like everyone else, so she was definitely a good fit for our aesthetic. Worked out well cause I already knew her too! The photos are taken in my favorite cemetery (Assistentkirkegården) and in the area around Fantoft stave church.

His outfit:
Coat - Dracula Clothing
Vest - Shrine
Necklace - The Crypt Of Curiosities
Engagement and wedding rings - Ever After Jeweler
Shoes - New Rock

My outfit:
I do not want to recommend the dressmaker anymore, I later found out they've been selling my custom design since before our wedding, and never told me they would. This is apparently their standard!
Jewelry (custom) - Ayame Designs
Wedding Ring - Coffin Gems
Shoes - Oak Tree Farms

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